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$148,200 for a Crypto Collectible?

The AlterVerse Launches The First Ever Multiverse Crypto Collectible Auction!

AlterVerse XR75 Maverick on Auction

AlterVerse XR75 Maverick on Auction

On Saturday Feb. 9th, 2019, AlterVerse Inc. launched the first ever Enjin Multiverse Crypto Collectible auction.  A featured item in the auction is the XR75 Maverick. Only 6 of these skins will ever be minted.  Ownership will be tracked on the blockchain.

The Auction ends Saturday, February 16th.  Go here to check it out:

Within hours of the auction starting, a bid for over $11,000.00 came in from one party for an XR75 Maverick.  Within a couple more hours the bid shown above for $148,200.00 came in!

Imagine our surprise and delight!  Of course we were a little suspicious of these crazy bids, so we took it with a grain of salt…

Sure enough, an hour later the largest bidder contacted us:

“Hey really sorry but I only meant to bid 200 :/ did it on my phone so it messed up.  I’ve messaged a dev on the site if they can remove my bid as I couldn’t cancel it. Sorry again.”

Of course we cancelled the bid for him immediately and unpacked our vacation bags…

Asked if it nearly gave him a heart attack when he got the email with his bid amount.  He said:

“Thanks mate and yeah I ain’t been this flustered in years ha ha.  Literally pacing up and down stressing!!  Think I’ll wait until the last day to bid now as I’ll have to delete my accounts if I accidentally do it again lol”

The last day of the auction is this coming Saturday, February 16th so get your bids in now!  But please be careful when typing in the amount!

We’ll see you soon in the AlterVerse!

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Get your own Limited Edition Disruption Server

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Feb 12, 2019.