Starts Friday 12:01 am Thru Sunday 11:59 pm CDT/AVT

Kick Some Butt! Win Prizes!

1. Play the NEW Alliance Wars – Raid the Alpha Prime with at least 3 raiders on your team, if you win, all members will receive a Legendary Jupiter Uniform!
How-To: Challenge the Alpha Prime Alliance via the Website.
On the Website menu: Challenge>Alliances>find Alpha Prime>click the blue Challenge Alliance button, fill in the details. One winning Alliance per day – One win per Alliance!

2. The person with the Highest XP at the end of the week (Sunday at Midnight CDT/AVT) will win the matching, black Acid Rain Astral Armor AND Gecko Celestial Helmet!

3. The Alliance owner with the most wins on the Alliance Wars Leaderboard for the week ending at midnight on Sunday the 26th, wins a Legendary Zen Windrazor! This can be Raids against any other Alliance including the Alpha Prime.

4. The Starship Raider with the Best Time raiding the Nautilus will win a Mythical Zeus Uniform!

5. The Starship Raider with the Most Successful Raids against the Nautilus will win an Epic Crimson Helmet!

6. Gun Fight at the OK Corral Tournament
When: Saturday, July 25th – 2 pm CDT/AVT
What: PvP Gun Fighter w/ Intimidators
Tournament Location: The Magellan – Lower Launch Bay
8 Gunslingers Max! Sign up NOW on the website!
Prize: Epic Fleet Intimidator Shotgun

7. XR75 Ring Race Tournament
When: Sunday, July 26th – 2 pm CDT/AVT
What: Ring Race – Beginners White Course
Tournament Location: The Magellan – Spectators Welcome!
8 Pilots Max! Sign up NOW on the website!
Prize: Legendary XR75 Reaver

8. Free-For-All DM Event
When: Sunday, July 26th – 4pm CDT/AVT
What: All weapons and food allowed – no Teleporting
Where: The Magellan – Lower Launch Bay
Prize: Epic Paladin Plasma Hammer

9. Recruiting Contest
If you have a friend who wants to join up, have them send an email to sales@alterverse.com with your name as the referral and we’ll send them a Steam key. The person who recruits the most new players (2 or more to qualify) who get on the game by Sunday night will win a Multiverse Shadowsong!
Make sure someone from the dev team meets them on the game!

Winners Column


1. Alliance Wars Challenge – Knights of Nhine

2. Highest XP – Nhine

3. Most Alliance War Wins – Nhine

4. Starship Raider – Best Time – Barnicles

5. Starship Raider – Most Wins – Nhine

6. Gun Fight Tournament – Barnicles

7. Ring Race Tournament – Belmont

8. Free-For-All DM – Nhine

9. Recruiting Contest – No One