Hey everybody!  Nibiru here, I have a some cool and really fun and exciting new features to tell you all about!  First of all!  A really fun new feature!

Synthia's Facial Expression

A Sparring Partner!

Introducing,,,,,, Synthia! We now have an Artifial Intelligent Sparring Partner you can fight with to practice and hone your fighting skills. We call her Synthia.   Synthia is a very advanced artificial intelligent combat humanoid bot and fully trained in... Continue reading here,,

Disrupter ship

A New Forum Category!

We have created a new forum category called Gameplay Tips and Tricks, a forum where all members can post tips and tricks to help you along during your voyage through the AlterVerse.
Our first tip comes from Scottie Sirius to help with picking the perfect name for your very own Disrupter ship!  Read more here.

AlterVerse Defence_Drone

Another New Feature! Defence Drones!

Due to the increasing risk of enemy raiders attacking Disrupter ships in the AlterVerse we have added a new feature to help you protect your Distrupter ship from raiders and trespassers alike. Disrupter ships are now equipped with state of the art Disrupter Defence Drones.   These advanced,, Read more here,,


Some new interior designing!

The Disrupter spaceships have been equipped with a new state of the art lighting system to create an attractive looking and comfortable feeling environment.  These high tech lights are designed to stay cool and cast a nice warm glow just in the area where light is needed. They are made with environmentally friendly materials and are energy efficient, using barely 1 watt of the ship's valuable and limited electrical power supply.
As the lights were being installed, we also got some new carpeting in a few select areas such as the Bridge and Mama Bahama‚Äôs lounge.  It's blue color and soft texture goes absolutely great with the new lighting.


That's all for this edition of the AlterVerse Newsletter.

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See ya in the AlterVerse!

Community Manager.