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  • Here’s a couple short videos of some game play from aboard a Disrupter ship in the AlterVerse!

    Some game play from the waste dump!

    And this one is a little bit of sparring with Synthia!

  • AlterVerse: Disruption has a New Steam Store Page!
    Check it out!  While you’re there add AlterVerse: Disruption to your wishlist to be notified when it comes out!  See you in the AlterVerse!


  • Hey everybody!  A new AlterVerse video!
    Check it out! AlterVerse: Disruption – Coming soon on Steam!

    See you in the AlterVerse,

  • Hey everybody, I have some cool screenshots from an AlterVerse Disrupter ship to show you, check’em out!

    This is Cmdr. Riley busy working at her station as usual.

    Cmdr Riley busy working at her station as usual

    Click here to see this image full size.

    Scary Zombie in the Med Lab!

    Scary Zombie in the Med Lab

    Click here to see this image full size.

    Alien Life Specimens in the Science Lab.

    Alien Life Specimens in the Science Lab

    Click here to…[Read more]

  • New Feature! Disrupter Defence Drones!

    Due to the increasing risk of enemy raiders attacking Disrupter ships in the AlterVerse we have added a new feature to help you protect your Distrupter ship from raiders and trespassers alike.
    Disrupter ships are now equipped with state of the art Disrupter Defence Drones.   These advanced high-tech flying…[Read more]

  • Introducing,,,,,, Synthia!
    We now have an Artificial Intelligent Sparring Partner you can fight with to practice and hone your fighting skills.
    We call her Synthia.   Synthia is a very advanced artificial intelligent combat humanoid bot and fully trained in all known forms of “close quarters” and “Hand to Hand” combat.   It’ll take a lot of quick…[Read more]

  • Name My Spaceship?   HELP!!

    Trying to come up with just that perfect name for your Disrupter ship can be difficult.
    I know just how hard it can be, I’ve tried many times.  Sometimes without success and I end up just picking a silly name or something I just didn’t like.  But then one day Scot, our Producer and Creative Director suggested we use…[Read more]

  • Aldebaran Anrik posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago · 

    Hey this is new! Whoot! Where be the treasure?

  • Nibiru posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago · 

    Hello everyone!

  • Nibiru started the topic January Updates! in the forum Game Status Updates 2 months, 4 weeks ago · 

    January Updates!

    Hey everybody, it’s Nibiru!  It’s also January, a very cold month for us here in Canada and the USA.  But, not in the AlterVerse!  It’s a perfectly comfortable 72 degrees aboard the Disrupter ships!  And all the Disrupter ships come equipped with a very easy to use Avatar Customizer that you can use to select the perfect attire t…[Read more]

  • December days are short and so is December’s update!

    Here’s a bit of whats been happening in December.

    Just like most everyone else we had a few holidays too, but we also did a lot of work on the game and on the website.

    After November’s testing on most everything in the game, we have spent the last month updating and upgrading the…[Read more]

  • Nibiru started the topic A Peak At The GUI/HUD! in the forum Game Status Updates 5 months ago · 

    A peak at how the game interface or GUI/HUD elements look.

    Here’s three screenshots I made while in the teleporter room on my own Disrupter ship I named, “Nibiru The Destroyer”.

    In the first screenshot you can see several of the GUI/HUD elements that can be positioned anywhere on the screen by clicking and dragging them.  You can also hide them…[Read more]

  • Nibiru started the topic Quick October Update! in the forum Game Status Updates 6 months ago · 

    Hi everybody, a quick little update.
    The devs are continuing on with long hours of hard work still.  They are getting everything in the game working smoothly and putting on some final touches.
    There’s a lot of small adjustments being made, some experimenting and trying out different things.  That means change, test, change and more testing and…[Read more]

  • Ragdolls in the AlterVerse – Let the fun begin!

    I’m excited to announce we are replacing the avatar’s traditional static death animations with Ragdoll Physics death effects.

    Ragdolls, in a fun and sometimes outright halarious way certainly create a higher level of immersion in the AlterVerse by applying more realitsic looking death animations to…[Read more]

  • Nibiru started the topic Happy Autumn! in the forum Game Status Updates 7 months ago · 

    Happy Autumn everybody!

    Designing and building a game is not always fun and exciting like it looks.  Sometimes that makes it hard to come up with cool and exciting things to report on.
    Take this month for example, the work being done is mostly all programming and cleaning up scripts and databases plus a lot of testing in preparation for release.…[Read more]

  • Marcus Wilby posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago · 

    @nordiklab Working on basic integration of website in game so need to act like if I was social. Not sure what is that but seem like something that could be shown somewhere in-game…

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