Alliance VS Alliance Matches

You can ONLY Challenge Starship Alliances to a Match AND you must be an Alliance Owner.

  1. Go to your Alliance page. Click the Edit tab. Under Game, select all the games that you want to be able to Challenge Alliances to or be Challenged by others. (Alliance Wars is the only one eligible at this time, more coming!)
  2. Click on Challenge>Alliance VS Alliance on the Menu above and find a Starship Alliance to challenge. You can only challenge Starship Alliances because they have to have a ship! Click on the blue Challenge button.
  3. Type in a Title, Description, set the Date and Time, and choose the game from the drop down. Choose the Map. Click Challenge.
  4. The Alliance Owner will get an Email and a Notification. They will have to click Accept or Reject. Once they Accept you will receive an Email and a Notification that the Match is on and it will appear on the View Matches>Alliance VS Alliance page.
  5. When the Match is over, you will need to click the Match on the View Matches>Alliance VS Alliance page and click Submit Scores.  The other Alliance owner will receive a notice and they will have to Accept the scores you put in. Once they have Accepted, the Match will appear with final results on the View Matches>Alliance VS Alliance page.
  6. The Match results will also appear on the Leaderboard!

The Games below have been set as Alliance VS Alliance Games. More will be coming as we program them! Alliances may also battle each other in a variety of Tournaments. Alliances may raid each other without scheduling a match if there are Alliance Wars ships running.


Alliance Wars

Raid another Alliance in Co-op battle style. If the other Alliance Accepts your challenge, you must go to their ship by clicking the Alliance Wars button as you come on the game. Find their ship on the list. Tell your Alliance it’s go time! You will land on their ship in the Teleport Center at the agreed upon time. You will arrive with a load-out of weapons and ammo to start. Press i to open your inventory and move items to your pouch for use. You will have to get to the Ship’s Hold next to the Bridge at the front of the ship to grab the loot from the Treasure Chest and then make it back to the Teleport Center to score. Voice chat will be in 2 separate channels for both Alliances for easy, private communication!