Player vs Player Matches

You can Challenge other players to any of the games that you both have selected on your profile pages. Soon you will be able to challenge players from within the game if they’re on the same ship as you.

  1. Go to the My Profile page from the drop down under your name on the top right of the site. Click the Edit tab. Under Game, select all the games you want to be able to challenge or be challenged at. Hold down Ctrl as you click to select multiple games.
  2. Click on Challenge>Players on the Menu above and find someone to challenge. Confirm they have selected the game you want to challenge them to. Click on the blue Challenge button.
  3. Choose the game from the drop down. Type the name of the Ship where you want to have the Match. It needs to be a Freeplay ship. In Bank: type in the # Faces you want to battle for or leave blank, set the Date and Time. Click Challenge.
  4. The other player will get an Email and a Notification. They will have to click Accept or Reject. Once they Accept you will receive an Email and a Notification that the Match is on and it will appear on the View Matches>Player vs Player page.
  5. When the Match is over, you will need to click the Match on the Matches>Players page or in your profile and click Submit Scores.  The other player will receive a notice and they will have to Accept the scores you put in. Once they have Accepted, the Match will appear with final results on the View Matches>Player vs Player page!

The Games below have been set as Player vs Player Games. We will add more as we get input and suggestions from you!


Kick Boxer

Challenge another player to a good game of the old “punch and kick” to see who remains standing the longest! Choose a Ship to hold the event on and go to the Training Center to fight in one of the boxing rings. When the match is over submit the score. This is a win/lose game so score it 1 – 0. Match results will be posted on the View Matches>Player vs Player>Completed PvP Matches page for all to see!


Melee Madness

Similar to Kick Boxer but with Melee Weapons! On Disruption we have Sabres, Lazerblades, Wind Razors, and Plasma Hammer Melee weapons. When you challenge someone to a Melee Madness match you will specify what weapon you want to use. Meet up at the agreed upon place and time and have at it! This is a win/lose game so score it 1 – 0.


Ring Racer

Enter the starting gates, have a 3rd party say Go! Race through the numbered rings in order to see who crosses the #10 ring first! There are 2 courses, a beginner and advanced, the advanced course has the blue numbers. Practice flying through them until you think you have it mastered then challenge another player to race to glory!


Gun Fighter

Take a trip back to the Old West and Challenge another player to a Gun Fight at the OK Corral! err, ok, at the Ship of your choice! Disruption has 4 Guns to choose from; The Photon Pistol, the Intimidator Shotgun, the Graviton Gun, and the Plasma Blaster. Choose your weapons, pace it off, count to 10, turn and fire! Of course this is only a suggestion. You could also use the thrown weapons, the Fission Axe or Shurikens!