Limited Edition Game Servers:
The AlterVerse Project has LEGS!

We’ve all heard the ‘Legs’ idiom used when a project has great potential or staying power. We believe the AlterVerse project certainly has both.

But it also has LEGS, Limited Edition Game Servers. LEGS are premade, multi-player game servers that users can buy and run as a small business. Using our blockchain-driven, in-game tokens called Aces, server owners can set various fees and rewards for their players for completing quests, raiding treasuries and other fun, challenging, typical game activities. The servers are customizable in terms of appearance thanks to the wide variety of built-in texture options as well. Soon, with the release of our World Builder tools, server owners will be able to fully customize their worlds.

The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building multiverse where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected games and worlds.

With our recent adoption of the Enjin blockchain platform, users can buy, sell, and trade fungible and non-fungible digital assets. These include items like weapons, animations, wearables and collectibles. The blockchain verifies ownership and proves there’s only one such item in existence, making it truly unique. Soon, some items will be transferable to other games – but that’s not all. With the advent of Limited Edition Game Servers, the servers themselves are also tradeable digital assets.

Even before blockchain allowed for true ownership of digital assets, people were running million dollar businesses in games like Second Life.

AlterVerse: Disruption

The Limited Edition Game Servers (LEGS) for our first game, Disruption, are space worthy battleships, and the owners can customize everything from the color of the hull, the textures on the walls, floors, ceilings and lights to the style and color scheme of the individual crew rooms, including some of the individual items of furniture using our built-in Customizer.

Running LEGS as a Business

As mentioned above, server owners can charge a small fee for players to play on their server, and then offer them the chance to win back their fees and more. Take Disruption – players can try to raid the Treasury of a Disrupter battleship. If they beat the AI opponents defending the battleship, they can win a portion of the ship’s Treasury. The server owner can run custom competitions as well.

The server owner can choose how well funded the Treasury is, how difficult the AI Defenders are to beat, how much time a player has to complete the tasks and how much it costs to join the server and try to win. This will create a free market where players figure out which servers have the highest risk/reward ratio.

By running a server with a good reward and an AI that isn’t too difficult to beat, server owners can offer something that’s a fun and occasionally profitable experience for the players while consistently turning a profit for the owner.

LEGS can be hosted from a home PC with a cable or fiber connection.
LEGS owners can choose to launch their server as a Solo Raid server, an Alliance Raid server, a Quest server or a Battle Royale server, all of which have different modes and monetization opportunities and can be switched back and forth.

That said, maybe not everyone wants to monetize. Users can also buy their own LEGS and launch as a Homestead server where they can invite friends to just hang out in the virtual world (even in full-on virtual reality if they have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset).

While Disruption is set on battleships in space, other games take place in a variety of settings.

Server Themes

Here are some of the themes you’ll be seeing from AlterVerse:

Spartan, Medieval, Viking, Pirate, and Mayan homeworlds are all being designed to create a rich multiverse for users to explore. There’s an eSports game called Draft Ball for users to enjoy, challenging each other in teams or one on one. There are ten quest levels featuring mines full of gold, silver, or gems. There are even Dinosaur landscapes to explore… carefully!

Users will also have the opportunity to journey through dark and dangerous Bug Caves, bright and beautiful Sky Cities in the clouds, and the magical world of Illura. So you see, Disruption is just the first of many planned releases in the AlterVerse project.

What these distinct themes have in common is that all Home Worlds will have their own world building options that will allow LEGS owners to completely customize their virtual world exactly the way they want it – servers will be tagged as either Stock or Custom, with any server modified with World Builder tools categorized as Custom.

Servers are a finite resource, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can inquire about investing in a server on our website. The servers are a blockchain asset encoded on the Ethereum blockchain through Enjin, and we anticipate that they’ll become popular items once the game is launched in Q1 2019.

Because the game servers can be sold and traded on the blockchain amongst AlterVerse users, and hosted from anywhere in the world, the game is fully decentralized. They will be hosted on the internet with players in control of the environments and server game fees. AlterVerse will take a tiny fraction of the transaction fees when players pay to join a server, allowing for consistent, repeatable profits.

AlterVerse will also make unique in-game items known as skins available for sale. These blockchain-secured items may then be sold and traded between players at will, forming more opportunities for in-game businesses and micro-economies.

Not Just For Gamers

We view LEGS as an opportunity for anyone interested in running a business to generate revenue from the comfort of their own home. Just like any other online business, there are any number of ways a LEGS owner could market their server to players and create a competitive and profitable gaming experience.

AlterVerse limited edition game servers could appeal to stay-at-home parents, people between jobs or with disabilities, online entrepreneurs, streamers and of course game enthusiasts, with a huge amount of freedom given to the owners over how they design every aspect of their customer’s gaming experience from the aesthetics to the gameplay.

Learn more about Disruption by visiting the AlterVerse website or following us on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, or join our brand new Reddit community.
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Written by Conor Maloney,
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Jan 07, 2019.

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