Easter Sale Details

The Sale runs from April 18th through April 27th and ends at Noon CST – 6 pm UTC.
Auction Expiration dates and times have been staggered as of 4/21! Please check your bid items!!!

All orders of $50 or more in a single order will receive a FREE Easter Egg containing one Multiverse Item backed by 15 Enjin Coin or more. You may place as many orders of $50 or more as you want! Single orders of $100 or more will receive 2 Easter Eggs! Auction items are included in the Easter Egg giveaway and will receive 2 Easter Eggs each. Again, each Easter Egg will contain a random Multiverse item backed by 15 ENJ or more.

The following items will be in the Easter Eggs and randomly distributed:

50 – Shadowsong Staffs – backed by 60 ENJ each! Approx $600 Value
100 – Soulshift Armors – backed by 25 ENJ each! Approx $500 Value
50 APG-M55’s – Backed by 25 ENJ each! Approx $250 Value
100 Forge Hammers – Backed by 25 ENJ each! Approx $500 Value
An assortment of Epochrome Swords and Mikes both backed by 15 ENJ each! Value impossible to estimate until the sale is over.

You can view these items here: https://enj1155.com/multiverse
*They will look different in the AlterVerse.

*Note – The APG-MXX Plasma Blaster line has been discontinued to avoid confusion with the Multiverse APG-M55. We have an inventory of the APG-M25 however and they will be sold until they’re gone and no more will be created. Only 500 will ever be minted. (Can you say Collector’s Item?)

Please pay close attention to Item numbers in the Auction. They may not show up in order!

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