Limited Edition Disruption Game Server – Pre-Sale

$300.00 $100.00

72 in stock


Each Server includes:

1.  Multi-player Disrupter Ship/Server – Host a server and charge players to play!
2.  Elite Lifetime Citizenship. Access to all 17 AlterVerse games for life! A $300 Value.
3.  1000 Aces – (In-game Tokens – Temporarily Locked – Aces will be sold for $0.10 each after launch)
4.  Unique Ship Number – (Sold in numerical order)
5.  Each Server is Backed by 30 Enjin Coin.
6.  32 Individually Customizable, Sellable Crew Rooms!
7.  Eight Hull Color Options – Endless Texture combinations for interior!
8.  4 Game Mode Options to choose from! Solo Raids, Alliance Raids, Quests and Battle Royale
9.  Fully equipped with AI Defenders, ANDI’s and Monsters!
10.  Set your Treasury amount, Fees, Defenders and time limits!
11.  Can be run from a Windows PC with a cable connection or better.

  • Only 2000 Limited Edition Disruption Game Servers will ever be minted!
  • The First 125 to buy will receive 6 FREE “XR75 – Green Hornets” backed by 20 ENJ each!
  • Only 750 XR75 – Green Hornets will ever be minted!

This is a Pre-Sale Item. It will be delivered to your wallet after the sale but will not be usable until the game is released on Steam – Q1 2019.

Limited Edition Game Servers can be resold and traded. Maximum of 5 Servers per user.

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