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AlterVerse: Disruption!


Join today and get Alpha and Beta access before the game goes on Steam!

We started an Alpha testing phase on 7-1-17. It is open to members and Select Press ONLY.

In order to participate in the Alpha and Beta you must have an AlterVerse account and a Steam account.  You can get your AlterVerse Account here or by clicking the Add To Cart Button Above.

You can create a FREE Steam account here.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  After you create your AlterVerse account and have a Steam account set up, please send an e-mail to support@alterverse.com and request a key, please include your username and order number.  Then we will verify your account and send you your AlterVerse Steam Key along with information to help you get the game installed and set up.

AlterVerse: Disruption

What you get:

  • You can start playing today.
  • Beta access before the game goes on Steam!
  • Captain your own Command ship in the AlterVerse!
  • Countless hours completing the exciting quest to save the ship from an invading force.
  • Play in single-player mode or join a multi-player server.
  • Host the ship on your own computer, give it a name and recruit a crew to help defend your precious cargo!
  • Engage in thrilling dog fights with your friends!
  • Play the new game Draft Ball on board the ship!
  • Get the desktop Tap-Link to check scores and chat with friends when you don’t have time to play.
  • Access to the entire AlterVerse community site.
  • Full release version of the AlterVerse Disruption when it launches.

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