Elite Lifetime Citizenship

$100.00 $50.00

Only 287 left in this round!


Soon 20 million Enjin users and 90 million Steam users will be introduced to the AlterVerse.
Only 2000 players will be recognized as Elite Lifetime Citizens.

Only 2000 Elite Lifetime Citizenship Tokens will ever be minted! (500 in this round)

Each Elite Lifetime Citizenship includes:

  • Access to all AlterVerse games for life. 17 already in development. Estimated $300 value min.
  • 1 FREE XR75 Blue Angel Fighter Ship skin backed by 5 Enjin Coins. Only 1000 Blue Angels will ever be minted.
  • 200 FREE Aces – In-game Tokens  (Temporarily Locked)
  • A Low, Unique Citizen Number that will forever identify you as an AlterVerse pioneer.
  • Each Citizenship is Backed by 10 Enjin Coin.
  • Citizen Tap-Link Skin – (The Tap-Link is a wearable status item)

This is a Pre-Sale Item. It will be delivered to your wallet after the sale but will not be usable until the first game is released on Steam – est. April 2019.

Blue Angel skins and Elite Lifetime Citizenship’s can be sold and traded as soon as you receive them.

Earn a 30% Commission on sales in this round. If you already have an account, then you’re already an Affiliate. If not, you will automatically become an Affiliate when you create your account. To use your Affiliate link, log in and go to https://www.alterverse.com/affiliate/

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