Greetings, I am Aldebaran Anrik. My name means, Son Of The Ancients.
I come from a far away world in this Universe, about 65 light years away from Earth.
I am named after the brightest star Aldebaran in the Zodiac constellation of Taurus (Known as The Bull), located in the Milky Way Galaxy.
Aldebaran is known as the "eye of the bull" and is the sun of my home planet, Aureus.
Anrik is the name of the ancient human race that inhabited Aureus. Both my mother and father were Anriks.

My father was a Mighty Warrior and King of his world, my mother was a Royal Sorcerer and Alchemist.
As a child of a King and Queen, I was living a wonderful and exciting easy life as a young Prince.
Then one day, our world was attacked by wicked evil forces who destroyed the cities and froze time on our world. Humans could no longer exist.

Since my parents were King and Queen they were murdered and all their possessions stolen. All other humans eventually either fled the world through mysterious portals or slowly died off.
However, before my parents died they bestowed upon me all their great wisdom and knowledge so that one day I could return to destroy the evil forces that froze our world and restart time.
They also told me of many secrets. One in particular was of a secret two-way portal known only to the ancient Anriks.
They explained to me that this portal would bring me to a strange place where there was a human civilization and I would be able to live in peace and be happy there.

They also told me there will be a Astrophysicist by the name of Percy Mullake that knows how to restart time. They said Mullake will eventually discover the secret portal and coordinate an expedition to explore what's on the other side.
I was told to locate Percy Mullake and convince him to help me return to my home planet and restart time and rebuild the cities, so that all the people that left during the attack could return home.

So knowing all this, instead of fleeing with the other humans when our world was frozen in time. I went through the secret portal and began searching for Percy Mullake.
It took a few years but I eventually found and met with Mullake and indeed, as my parents predicted, he has found the portal and is planning an expedition.
I told him the story of who I was and where I come from, then explained that I wanted to accompany him on this expedition so I could return to my home planet and restart time.
He agreed to take me along, so here I am!!!

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