• Once you get into your router configuration you’ll want to forward ports to the computer where the server is running. You’ll need the internal IP address of that computer. You can get the IP address by right clicking Start and clicking Command Prompt. When the Command Prompt window opens type in ipconfig and hit enter. Look for the IPv4 Address.…[Read more]

  • Pre-Alpha XR75 Update!       Game Ver.

    Hello everybody, this is our second Pre-Alpha version update.
    We have made some adjustments to the flight controls on the XR75 fighter ships and fixed the following several issues,

    – No more Black Dome!   The skybox rendering issue on AMD GPUs should be cleared up.

    – Adjusted XR75 controls for i…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 01-25-2020

    We are now at Game Rev.

    – Fixes for skybox rendering on AMD GPUs (bug report ID 56026).

    – Adjusted XR75 controls for improved turning, climbing and diving.

    – Cleaned up reticle for XR75.

    – Added a starting gate for the ring race.

    – Lowered LOD on XR75’s so they don’t disappear so quickly.

    – Made the rear l…[Read more]

  • These guys have some good deals on servers.
    NFO Servers

  • Nibiru started the topic PRE-ALPHA UPDATE! in the forum Game Updates 1 week ago

    PRE-ALPHA UPDATE!       Game Ver.

    Hello everybody, this is our first Pre-Alpha version update and it’s a quality of life update.
    We have fixed the following several issues,

    – Corrected the game window size on monitors with display scaling applied.

    – Fix to shut down mumble processes when exiting game servers.  Fixes orphaned mum…[Read more]

  • Nibiru started the topic Changelog for 01-21-2020 in the forum Changelogs 1 week ago

    Changelog for 01-21-2020

    We are now at Game Rev.

    – Corrected the game window size on monitors with display scaling applied.

    – Fix to shut down mumble processes when exiting game servers.  Fixes orphaned mumble processes.

    – Enabled ranged/positional/global voice chat.

    – XR75’s return to the correct launch position if the pilot dis…[Read more]

  • Pre-Alpha Testing Schedule
    (All Times are CST – UTC -6)
    Phase 1 – Freeplay Mode – Introduction – Roughly 2-3 Weeks
    During this phase we will get all Server Owners trained in and their server accessibility tested.  We will help Citizens get on the game and working properly.  There will be fun death matches with prizes and other events held d…[Read more]

  • JDTucker changed the description of the Alliance Alliance logo of Maybe TomorrowMaybe Tomorrow from "Magella" to "Just have fun." 1 week, 6 days ago

  • Once you’ve gotten onto Steam and installed the game, Installing the game on Steam it’s time to launch your server! Please come onto the Magellan as a visitor first so you know you can get on and so we can give you a tour, some pointers and test voice chat. This is also where we’ll be waiting to handle support questions in real-time. Don’t ask…[Read more]

  • The game features ranged, directional voice chat.  You can also chat to everyone all over the ship by pressing G for global or chat just to your Alliance members during a raid.
    To set it up Go to My Settings – F8 and click the audio button on the left.  Put a check in Voice Chat Enabled if it’s not already checked then click Voice Chat setup.

    If…[Read more]

  • Take the elevators to get to the rest of the ship.   If you don’t get out quickly enough just press the button for the floor you’re on again.  

    All crates and barrels throughout the halls are physics models and can be blasted and or pushed.  

    There are 4 main Sectors, each Sector has 2 Decks.   You can use the Jump tubes to go up and down.  &nb…[Read more]

  • In the Launch Bay on Deck 1 at the rear/aft of the ship you’ll find 6 XR75 Stingers.

    There are also 26 XR75’s in the Lower Launch Bay.  These are your Fighter ships.

    When you’re on the Bridge you’ll see 2 clickable signs that will teleport you to either Launch Bay.  Choose one and go.

    Pick an XR75 to fly, it’s best to grab one that has a clear…[Read more]

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    The game supports the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive!  We have some work to do to make VR super smooth and are working on it!

    Launch the game as usual and on the Customizer screen on the bottom right place an X in the Launch in VR box.  Then click Done.  Let’s Go!
    Now you can put your VR headset on and wait for the game to load.
    When you land, p…[Read more]

  • STEAM:

    – Create an account on Steam at steampowered.com then install Steam.  You’ll see a small Install icon on the top right of their site. Once installed a log on window will come up, log in, they’ll ask you to confirm your email address.  Do that.  You’ll see a window like below. Click on Library on the top.  On the bottom left of the Steam…[Read more]

  • Coming Soon!

  • Name My Spaceship?   HELP!!

    Trying to come up with just that perfect name for your Disrupter ship can be difficult.
    I know just how hard it can be, I’ve tried many times.  Sometimes without success and I end up just picking a silly name or something I just didn’t like.  But then one day Scot, our Producer and Creative Director suggested we use…[Read more]

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    WASD to move Forward – Left – Back and Right
    Press E when you see the chevron appear to interact with Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)
    Press E to pick up items and to press buttons also.
    Press the Left Mouse Button (LMB) to punch with the right hand or to fire a weapon.
    Hold down the Right Mouse Button (RMB) to aim a gun.
    Hold Down…[Read more]

  • If you have questions or need assistance you may contact the support team by sending an email to support@alterverse.com

    To insure you get a quick response, please include a detailed description of the question or problem
    along with your email address and if you are a member include your username also.