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    All About Raids!

    There are 2 types of Raids, Solo Raids and Alliance Raids. A server owner can launch his server as a Solo Raid server, then set the Treasury amount and the fee to raid, the number of AI Defenders (Yuls) and the time the player gets to try to raid it. A player will then deicde he wants to do a solo raid and choose a server to raid…[Read more]

  • It’s not available on Steam yet. We’ll be doing beta testing in a few weeks, if you have a Citizenship or a server you’ll be notified when we start!

    Best regards,

  • AlterVerse Kickstarter Next Week!

    Screenshot of the view looking out of a Disrupter Bridge window.

    We are going to be doing a very short, limited KickStarter next week to raise funds for our launch on Steam!
    300 Limited Edition Citizenships and 50 Limited Edition Game Servers, are up for grabs!
    Keep a watch on your inbox for our newsletter announcement coming soon.
    If you’re not already getting our…[Read more]

  • Disruption, Before And After!

    Just in case you forgot how a Disrupter looked before the Major Art Update.
    We’ve put together this little “Before And After” collection of Screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

    Looking For Life Before The Art Update.

    Looking For Life Before Art Update.

    Looking For Life After The Art Update.

    Looking For Life After Art Update.


    Behind the Sceens On The Bridge Before Art…[Read more]

  • MAJOR ART UPDATE!     Game Ver.

    Hello everybody, we are very excited, even STOKED to announce we have just released a MAJOR ART UPDATE for the AlterVerse Game Client!


  • Changelog for 07-12-2018

    We are now at Game Rev.

    – Put Teleport spawnSpheres back in the Foe group.

    – Fixed Hexum’s path.

    – Made several door signs that were partially covered blank so they don’t overlap.

    – Adjusted a door and chairs the NPC’s are sitting in.

    – Added collision meshes to CommCenter Chairs on Bridge.

    – Adjusted…[Read more]

  • We have some new design options for our Crew Rooms on the Disrupter Ships!
    Using the in-game Ship Customizer you can personalize your own Disrupter Ship’s Crew Rooms with these swank new design options to choose from.   You can change the bed cover, pillows, rugs and wallpaper for each room.   Have a look below for screenshots of some random Crew…[Read more]

  • Hey everybody!   We are currently working on another update for the AlterVerse.   Here’s a little preview of the Disrupter Ship Customizer and some random new wall and floor options.   You’ll be able to select from several different wall designs and also customize the ceilings, floors, lights, Mess Hall, Lounge floor and the interior of all the…[Read more]

  • Monster Game Update!   Game Ver.

    Hi everybody, we just released a HUGE update to the AlterVerse Game client!
    It’s so huge in fact, we’re calling it a Monster Game Update!
    This Monster Game Update is filled with many exciting new features, several gameplay changes for Metagaming, plus tons of performance improvements and bug…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 02-27-2018

    We are now at Game Rev.

    – Color changes on backpack, server list and destination screens.

    – Changed goldish text colors in backpack to green.

    – Centered the close backpack button.

    – Reformatted backpack GUI to match the rest of the HUD GUIs.

    – Added activation sound effects for Photon Shield.

    – Added…[Read more]

  • Weapons Adjustment Update!

    We’ve released another AlterVerse game update!

    In this update we have added more AI Defenders and adjusted some of the weapons and made a few more changes!

    There are now a maximum of 20 AI defenders in total.   This makes it much more challenging to raid a ship!

    The AI Defenders now have a proper name.   We call t…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 02-13-2018

    We are now at Game Update rev

    – Lowered damage on some weapons, Plamsa Blaster-100, Intimidater ShotGun-85, Enforcer Pistol-70.

    – Changed AI Defender name to Yul.

    – Doubled the number of AI Defenders to 20.

    – SFX for Raid Wins and lose and Armor forcefield power up.

    – Added some simple collision models to…[Read more]

  • AI Defender Update!

    We’ve released another exciting game update!

    In this update we have added AI Defenders!

    Don’t like leaving your ship unattended while you’re out pillaging other ships?
    Well freat no more, you can now feel and be confident your Treasury Loot is safe!

    We now have AI Defenders built into the Disrupter Ship’s Automatic D…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 01-30-2018
    We are now at Game Update rev

    – Removed the defender spawning chat log message.

    – Spawn AI defenders during a raid to make sure there are at least 10 on the ship to defend it.

    – Some minor adjustments to the flight controls.

    – Fix for dismounting chairs or other static objects, players are returned to the…[Read more]

  • First AlterVerse Game Update for 2018!

    We’ve released another exciting game update!   First one for 2018!

    We’ve made some big changes to the weapons characteristics.   We’ve added scripting to allow us to adjust the projectile velocity, the gravity, also known as bullet drop, the direct damage and the impact forces of all the weapons with…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 01-23-2018
    We are now at Game Ver.

    – Adjusted MuzzleVelocity, GravityMod, Damage and Impact Force on all three guns.
    – Added new materials and doors to the Cargo Bay for Air Raids.
    – A new value, sfhSpread, has been added that controls the aim variation when shooting from the hip (also radians).
    – Projectile spread.   The…[Read more]

  • New Year’s Eve Game Update!   Game Version

    We’ve released another game update! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

    Here are some of the highlights from this New Year’s Eve revision!

    We’ve remodeled the Treasury Hold room and added another way in.   We call it the Gauntlet!   The Gauntlet is a hallway that goes from the Mama Bahamma’s Lounge to…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 12-31-2017
    We are now at Game Update rev

    – Added Gauntlet Hallway between Lounge Cooler and Bridge Hold.
    – Changed Chests and added shape constructors to do the “level” => “skin1_level_magwall” rename on the stronghold, gauntlet and cooler.
    – Removed the StrongholdChest datablock to prevent preload errors.
    – Replaced…[Read more]

  • AlterVerse Disruption Game Update!

    We’ve pushed out another game update!   Here are some of the highlights from this game client revision!

    A new voice chat channel has been added so Alliance raid members now have their own non-ranged private channel to help coordinating raids much easier!
    Also raiders can no longer hear defense communications of…[Read more]

  • Changelog for 12-29-2017
    We are now at Game Update rev

    – Put Raid alarm and Quest Timer sound effects into the Music channel.
    – Fix for red lines on the inventory screen.
    – Added 2 eye patches, and an earring option to the male.
    – Added mohawk hair option for male avatar.
    – Updated Option and Tint Tools for Developers.
    – Added count and…[Read more]

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