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For all you creative people out there in the AlterVerse.
We are excited to announce our START OF SUMMER contest!

We want to see what our community can come up with!
Be creative in designing your own AlterVerse Fan Concept Art and our team will pick three winners to go to a public vote.
We may feature or publish the winning art on the AlterVerse Website, Twitter, Facebook, our Steam page or maybe even in the game!
AlterVerse Concept Art Sample

AlterVerse Concept Art Sample

Starting June 1st at 12:00 PM CST we will give you one week to come up with the best Fan Concept Art for the AlterVerse!
Our team will select three of our favorites to go to a public vote on Saturday June 8th from 12:00pm CST until Midnight CST that day.
What are the prizes you ask?  First place will take a Shadowsong, second a Soulshift Armor, and third a Stormwall!



Soulshift Armor

Soulshift Armor





Send your submissions to with the Subject – Start Of Summer Contest!
Three simple guidelines!  Your submission must be AlterVerse themed, 1024px by 1024px in size and saved as a .png format.



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