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In an effort to attract thousands of mainstream gamers we are making a few changes
to allow people to play the game without having a wallet or owning any Aces.
We also want to insure fast in-game transactions without waiting for Efinity to be released.

So, we have decided to create an in-game currency called Faces that will be exchangeable 1 to 1 for our ENJ backed Aces.

To make it more interesting, Sky City and each of the Home Worlds now have Coins/Faces designed in the theme of that world.
Collectively, all of these coins will be referred to as Faces.

Sky City Coin


Mythriel Coin


Caerule Coin


Viken Coin


Sparta Coin


Maya Coin


Each of these coins will eventually bear the face of a top contributor along with a story about their great contribution.
The first coin up for grabs will be the Sky City Coin.  More info coming shortly.  Stay tuned!

Our market place will now deliver all items you buy immediately!

No more waiting for a week or more for us to mint and send items at the end of a sale.
You will now receive the item within minutes after purchasing!
Using Paypal works almost instantly.
AlterVerse Market
Paying with crypto can take a few minutes or longer depending on network congestion and how high you set your gas fees.
The higher you set it, the faster it will clear and be delivered.
We have added back in all of the Common, Uncommon and Rare items so you can try it out before spending on more expensive items.
We hope this new feature will make your buying experience 100% more satisfying!
Stay tuned for more fun, tasty items coming very soon!
Oops, that’s News.

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