Alterverse Inc.
Lake Shore MN, USA

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2012 – AlterVerse: Rise of the Blood Clans Released
2020 – AlterVerse: Disruption Released

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Who:  AlterVerse Inc. is an indie game development company comprised of Lead Designer/CEO Scot Kinney, and Lead Programmer/CTO Michael Reino. Tim Barnes – Graphics programmer and Brian Babin – Web Admin also work full-time on the project and several others are contributing on a part-time basis.

What:  The goal is to produce an inter-connected gaming and world-building multiverse with worlds that are owned and operated by the players. The team is creating pre-made game servers complete with customizable, modular building elements and pre-programmed AdventureRPG, First Person Shooter and Quest game play mechanics. AlterVerse Inc. hosts and maintains central database servers for linking all of the worlds together and for Leaderboard tracking. They have also incorporated the Enjin wallet into the game and have already produced nearly 100 game skins backed by Enjin coin and tracked on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Disruption” is the first game in the series with 16 more games in the works.

Disruption features multiple games in one. The scene is set in an alternate universe in the Solone Solar system, aboard massive starships called Disrupters.  Players can raid these ships alone in Starship Raiders or form alliances to go on raids together in Alliance Wars. Watch out for the Defense Droids! In Hero’s Quest, aliens have invaded the ship and players must find the eight keys to regain control of the ship before time runs out.  Players can score points in Battle Royale action or fly the ring race course in personal XR75 fighter ships.  Hop on a ship and gear up for battle!

Where & When:  The first game Disruption will be available on Steam’s Early Access Q2 2020.

Additional special features:

  • Fully customizable ships and avatars (with unlimited color options)
  • Robust combat system with multiple weapons
  • VR compatible with Oculus Rift or Vive
  • Interactive NPC’s
  • Leaderboards with daily, weekly, monthly, and on-going scores
  • Decentralized, blockchain gaming – opportunities to own your own game server
  • Ability to buy, sell, trade, and win scarce digital assets backed by Enjin coin
  • In game voice chat
  • Affiliate program where you can earn money
  • Alliance system
  • Sparring practice areas
  • Socializing lounges
  • Ongoing contests with prizes

Disruption is currently in closed pre-alpha testing on Steam and will soon be released to the public in Steam’s Early Access! We’ll see soon you in the AlterVerse!


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Team & Collaborators

Scot Kinney
Founder – CEO

Michael Reino
Co-Founder – CTO

Jeff McCaig
Studio Creative Director

Tim Barnes
Engine Programmer

Luke Elden
Social Media Director

Brian Babin
Web Administrator

Eric Kinney – Skins Designer, Game Play
Peter Gransden  – Voice Chat
Stephan Vogt  – Custom 3D Models
Alexx Kinney – Facial Animations
Brian Roberts – Deferred Shading and PBR
James Urquhart – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Ahsan Muzaheed – Crafting
Jon Docino – Advanced Character Kit
Lukas  Joergensen – IPS Bundle
Alfio Saitta – Programming Contributor
Guy Allard – Programming Contributor
Eric Smith – Programming Contributor