Server Operator Info

I just bought a server, what do I need to know?

Congratulations and Thank You!
You’re about to become a small business owner!

Recommended Minimum Server Machine:

OS: Windows 7 or Higher
CPU: Dual Core 2.5 GHz
Video: NVIDIA GTS 8600/AMD 2600 – A high-end video card is not needed to host a server.
Internet Connection: Cable connection or higher
Ports: Open ports 28000 and 28001 TCP & UDP on any router between you and the internet.

You can also host your server on a 3rd party cloud server. It must be Windows based and you must have desktop access in order to launch a server at this time. Eventually we’ll add a command line method and possibly Linux support. The more people you expect to have on at a given time, the more you’ll want to bump up the minimum requirements. We will do more extensive testing in the near future to arrive at some Max user numbers but it will always depend on the server specs and bandwidth each individual has.

Family Friendly Naming and Content:

We are trying to keep the AlterVerse family friendly. We will probably have a lot of users in their early teens so keep your usernames, server names and images family friendly!

Naming Ideas:
This is, at its core, a role-playing multiverse. We want to create a very immersive environment where people can be swept away in an exciting, fantasy world. For your Disrupter ship, try to think of names that someone might actually call an inter-galactic spaceship. For your character, try to find a name that a human might actually use. Your little sister might use xOCandyCrushOx but does that really sound like a fearless spaceship Captain? You can use a First and Last name, spaces are ok in your character name! There are some great name generators on the internet!

Naming No No’s:
Names that contain profanities or racial slurs.
Names that contain or imply personal attacks.
Names that impersonate someone else.
Names containing the terms ‘administrator’, ‘moderator’, ‘admin’, ‘Dev’ or similar.
Names that give the impression the account is officially affiliated with the AlterVerse Inc.
Names that clearly consist of a name of a company, group, institution or product (e.g. BrandXYZ)

Marketing Ideas:

1. Invite people from outside the system to join your Alliance. Everyone likes to be invited to join a group!
2. Use the Affiliate Program to post your affiliate link on your site and or other places that allow it. Please do NOT spam your link in places where it’s not welcome. Look for helpful Affiliate marketing sites like this one:
3. If you host your server from your home network, you’re going to be more attractive to people in your geographical area due to latency/internet speeds. We would recommend placing ads on Craigslist, your local paper, the local computer shop or local computer user groups. Find gamer groups near you.
4. With permission, you may be able to create and post flyers at local colleges, the grocery store, computer store, etc.

We will put more ideas here over time. Please send us ideas that have worked for you and we’ll add them here.

Affiliate Program Details:

Our Affiliate program is a great way to earn income from the sales of the game, game servers, blockchain collectibles and game assets!
If you have created an account on the site then you’re already an Affiliate!
To get to the Affiliate Center, log into the site and click on the Get Paid button on the main menu.
We have just updated some of the Affiliate link images that you’re free to use. We will add more as other games come online. Just click on the Ads link in the Affiliate Center menu to see them.
Each product has a set Affiliate commission tied to it. Most items are set at 10% pay-out but we will, from time to time, increase that amount to help promote a given item so pay attention when we make announcements!
You will need to copy your affiliate link to post on various web pages and ads. If your username has spaces in it, you’ll have issues with your link. You can resolve this by putting %20 where the space is. If you need help contact You MUST have a Paypal address for us to pay you! If you are a US Citizen you MUST fill out and send us a W-9 form. Almost everything you need to know is outlined in the Affiliate Center.

How To Launch Your Server:

Launching a Server is very easy. The most difficult thing to do is open ports if you need to. On many standard cable connections with no router, all ports are already open, meaning you don’t have to do anything. If however, you have a router, you will need to get the name and number from it and do a search on the internet to find out how to open the ports needed. It’s, generally speaking, fairly easy. You will need to open ports 28000 and 28001 TCP and UDP by default.
Once you have ports open you simply launch the game from the desktop icon and choose Launch Server, then choose the Mode you want to launch in from the Menus. The options will be FreePlay/PvP, Starship Raider, Alliance Wars, and soon, Adventure Quest and Battle Royale. Each mode has a few manual settings you will need to set each time you launch it. Some of these include how many Faces you will put in your treasury, how many Faces you will charge a player to play, how many AI Defenders you will spawn and how much time you will allow each player to complete the attempt. You’ll have to play with these numbers to find out what works the best to attract the most players. Your ping time will also be displayed to the players and will vary depending on how far away they are from you and how fast your connection is.
You can close your server down by clicking in the window and pressing ctrl+c. Be sure no one is onboard playing beforehand!
You can then re-launch it in the same or a different mode. Once launched, you will also be able to board it or just close the game menu down and leave just the server running.

Become a Registered ServOp and make your Alliance a Starship Alliance!

Once you have your server running and accessible. Register HERE. We will do a manual check to see that your server is up and running and will give you a ServOp Membership and make your Alliance a Starship Alliance. Only Starship Alliances can be challenged to Matches and only ServOps can create Tournaments!

Non-involvement in certain modes:

If you are running your server in Starship Raider, Adventure Quest or Death Match modes it is important that you do NOT get involved in any game play. You are the “store owner” not a player in these modes. You have already set the number of AI Defenders you are spawning, no involvement from you is needed or allowed! Do not block hallways or make any changes to the game. Only in Alliance Wars or Freeplay mode should take part in the action!


Each server comes with a built-in Customizer. It’s located under the Menu heading in the game’s main GUI. In the Customizer you can make a lot of selections. First up is Location: Changing this changes the skybox giving the appearance of orbiting a different one of the five homeworlds. You can then change the wall, floor, and ceiling designs. We have provided ten of each to choose from to mix and match. You can change the colors of each design as well. This will provide a nearly unlimited number of combinations so that no two ships need to look the same! You can also change the ship Hull colors in 4 sections. You can customize the Mess Hall and the Lounge at the back of the ship independently from the rest of the ship. You can also name your Lounge/Pub. You can customize each of the 32 crew rooms individually. If you sell a crew room and send the new owner a token, they will be able to completely customize the room themselves, put their name above the door and even lock the door! You’ll have a ton of fun playing with these options!

Crew Rooms

As mentioned, each server comes with 32 Crew Rooms that are individually tokenized but are still tied to your server by number. Think of them like condos in a building you own. You can sell them or give them away or just let people use specific rooms. It’s up to you. Just keep in mind that once you sell it it is no longer yours. If you decide to sell your server, be sure to disclose to any potential buyers if any of the Crew Rooms have been sold. If you’re buying a server from someone be sure to ask about the ownership of the Crew Rooms! You will have to honor any sales or leases the previous owner made!

How do XR75’s work?

Each Disruption server/ship comes with 32 XR75 fighter ships. 6 in the Rear Launch Bay and 24 in the Lower Launch Bay.
When a player comes onto your server, if he/she owns an XR75 skin, they can swap the skin for the length of time they are in the XR75. They can also input a unique name for their ship. When they exit the ship it will go back to the original state. We hope to add the ability for server owners to customize their fleet in the near future if the demand is there.