On February 29th, using technology designed to disrupt the fabric of space and time, a young genius named Ally Puckmere opened a gateway to an alternate universe. An AlterVerse for short. A portal to the ancient future.

Soon after, billionaire Sidney Trawle learned of the discovery and suggested they build a space-worthy ship to generate
the disruption field and protect themselves in the process. So they did. They named it the Magellan.
They recruited a crew of over 100 people who were just brave and crazy enough to embark on a mission this dangerous.

And then, they opened the portal…

The crew found themselves in a new solar system they named Solone.

The system had several habitable planets. The first one they discovered was a perpetually cloud covered planet with a
thick atmosphere. They named it Aureus. There they built the first Sky City high above the dense clouds where the
atmosphere was thinner and easier to breathe.

As the years passed more explorers began to enter the AlterVerse on ships of their own.
They explored more of Solone and found other habitable planets, many with ruins from civilizations resembling
those found on Earth. They began restoring the villages, towns and cities to their former glory.

Now, you too, can explore the AlterVerse as the Captain of your own ship or a crew member of someone else’s.

Conquer your fears. Complete the quest, raid other ships, play Draft Ball.
Join the festivities or just relax and enjoy the views.
Soon the AlterVerse will be teaming with thousands of adventurers.

The most amazing discovery of all time awaits.
Prepare yourself for arrival in the AlterVerse!

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