AlterVerse Story

For millennia, mankind has wondered what lay beyond the stars.
That question has now been answered.

On February 29th, in a secret black-budget research facility, Dr. Ally Puckmere, one of the world’s leading astrophysicists, tore a hole through the fabric of space and time itself, disrupting our very reality and opening a gateway to an Alternate Universe, an AlterVerse.

Once stabilized, the inter-dimensional portal presented an incredible opportunity – to take space exploration even further than humanity had ever imagined.

Billionaire Sidney Trawle learned of the discovery and began funding the construction of a spacecraft capable of generating an experimental disruption field that allowed entry to the AlterVerse. A Disrupter ship.  Read More

AlterVerse: A Day in the Life Series

Chapter 1 Episode 1 – Breach


Magellan Disrupter Ship: 25th Cycle, 6 AM AVT

He awoke with a jolt, his mind replaying the events of the previous day. The crew had spent eight long hours in the ancient silver mines on the moon of Mythriel. They had made a tidy haul but the gargoyles that inhabited the mines were in a nasty mood.

Pete Jackson, a fellow crewman and a friend, had been mauled by a fast moving beast in the dark, losing an arm before crewman Laura Starr could level her plasma blaster to its head. He was taken under sedation to the Med Lab to have his limb regenerated. All’s well that ends well, but it was brutal.  Read More

AlterVerse: A Day in the Life Series

Chapter 1 Episode 2 – The Quest for the Keys – Full Story


Personal Log; Junior Science Officer, Magellan Disrupter Ship

Transport Shuttle 2: 25th Cycle, 2:27 PM AVT — 8 hours, 6 minutes post-Breach

My time on the planet’s surface was an overwhelming success. My primary mission was to gather data about the planet itself, as well as its atmosphere, flora, and fauna. The diversity of life on this planet is remarkable, and I was able to gather detailed scans and create taxonomical charts and catalogs for many of the species I identified. 

Our mission had originally been scheduled to return to the Magellan this time yesterday. I sent my assistants, along with most of our equipment back with the other transport shuttle at that time. I chose to stay behind for another day, with Captain Blade’s permission, as I had uncovered something I thought might be of particular interest. The surface of the planet was dotted with a variety of cave systems, and some contained a species of fungus which had properties I had never seen before. The fungi gave off an energy signature that stumped me for most of the mission, and I ventured back into one of the caverns to do additional tests once the rest of the team had returned to the ship.

Through my tests, I was able to confirm that the energy being emitted may, with some modifications, represent a renewable energy resource for interstellar vessels. More tests need to be done of course, but the results are promising so far. Once I return to the Magellan, I will brief Professor Patel and the other members of the science team. I expect they will be as excited by these findings as I am. Read More


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