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    All About Raids!

    There are 2 types of Raids, Solo Raids and Alliance Raids.   A server owner can launch his server as a Solo Raid server, then set the Treasury amount and the fee to raid, the number of AI Defenders (Yuls) and the time the player gets to try to raid it.   A player will then decide if he wants to do a solo raid and choose a server to raid based on those variables.   When he chooses, he pays the small fee in Aces and then lands at the back of the ship in the Teleport Center.   He has X number of minutes to battle his way to the front and hit the Treasury and then battle his way back through the drones and Yuls to actually score and collect the prize.   On a Solo Raid server, multiple people may be trying to raid at the same time so you might have to battle against other players too… or work cooperatively.

    Alliance Raids are more like standard co-op, Alliance vs Alliance battles.

    The server owner gets home from work and contacts his Alliance members to see if they’re ready to roll.   If so, he restarts his Solo Raid server and launches it as an Alliance Raid server.   This time he sets the booty a Challenging Alliance wins if they hit the treasury successfully, sets how many players he has on his team and how many they’re willing to face and AI Defenders and whatever fee if any.   Another Alliance out there is also looking for a battle so they go down the list looking for Alliance Raid servers and choose one to battle.   They input how many raiders they have and then they all get dropped in a queue and then sent to the ship to raid.

    If successful, they win the booty and move up in the global ranks.

    If not, they go home with their tail between their legs and the defenders get the win on the charts.

    There’s also the Adventure Quest for the keys and there’ll eventually be a Battle Royale option and of course just a chat server option when you feel like company but not battling, or for Alliance meetings or for customizing during off times.

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