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    AlterVerse Disruption Game Update!

    We’ve pushed out another game update!   Here are some of the highlights from this game client revision!

    A new voice chat channel has been added so Alliance raid members now have their own non-ranged private channel to help coordinating raids much easier!
    Also raiders can no longer hear defense communications of the Ship they are raiding.

    We placed the Raid Alarm and Quest Timer sound effects into the Music channel, so now we can adjust the volume of the raid warning announcement.
    The red lines on the inventory screen have been removed.
    The male avatar gets new customization options.   We added Mohawk Hair, 2 eye patches and an earring, Sweet!

    There’s now count and index numerals on the avatar customization options screen to make it easy to identify what option you currently are using and how many there are to pick from.

    A fix to prevent run and jog from being disabled when picking up items.
    We can now check our rank and stats while in game by clicking on the Ranks/Stats button in the GUI menu.

    This update bumps us up to Game version   View all the new changes on the AlterVerse changelog here.

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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