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    Hello guys,

    I got yesterday my Alpha key and wanted to test the game today but i had a big issue. I started and opened the portal than the client had an error and shut down. Well after that I wanted to play again on steam but it always tell me to update because the TAP-Link.exe is broken. So i started the update but he is searching for the update 20 times and nothing happens.

    So I deinstalled the game and installed it again. Now its tell me there is a file blocked and this is why i cant contiune the download its the TAP-Link.exe

    Thx in advance 🙂

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     Scottie Sirius 

    Hello xRayzen1,
    This sounds like your anti-virus is blocking the tap-link.exe from running. Depending on which anti-virus or firewall you’re running, there should be a way to allow the file to run and have access to the internet. Let me know which anti-virus you’re using and we’ll try to get the steps for you to allow access.

    Thank you!
    Dev Scottie Sirius

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    Hello thx for the answer.

    I am only using the normal windows firewall. Maybe uploading and sending the file?

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    Okay I managed somehow to download it. And im in the tap. But still cant open a portal.

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    Hi xRayzen1, thanks for the follow up info and uploading the pic for us. Have you tried to verify the integrity of the game files through Steam? If you haven’t can you give it a try? It’s very easy to do, here’s a link to Steam with a short video showing how,

    Community Manager

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