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      Changelog for 01-23-2018
      We are now at Game Ver.

      – Adjusted MuzzleVelocity, GravityMod, Damage and Impact Force on all three guns.
      – Added new materials and doors to the Cargo Bay for Air Raids.
      – A new value, sfhSpread, has been added that controls the aim variation when shooting from the hip (also radians).
      – Projectile spread.   The projectileSpread value for weapon images has been converted to a simple radians of aim variation.   This value is used when shooting an aimed weapon.
      – Doubled the respawn time for players from five to ten seconds.
      – Doubled the respawn time for defense drones from twenty to forty seconds and removed the shape name.
      – Removed sfhSpread from the Plasma Blaster since it can only be fired in aimed mode.
      – Added a checkbox to the Options General pane that toggles the visibility of the GuiShapeNameHud.
      – Changed minimum time to five seconds for keyrun tasks.
      – Added rank update to quest time command.
      – Fix to stop Alliance raid timer if the last raider to disconnect had not spawned yet.
      – Fixed original skin for bridge floor and updated save function to prevent storing it.
      – Deleted the HealthSupplies model, was only used once.
      – Removed Lasers from front entrance, and placed some static boxes in Hold entrance.
      – Removed Static lasers at back of Hold and added an actual laser.
      – Deleted spec map for Katana and changed metalness setting on holster.
      – Put GuiShapeNameHud back in.
      – Fix for missing clothes on avatar.
      – Prevent footprints from causing texture reloads.

      See you in the AlterVerse,

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