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      Changelog for 02-27-2018

      We are now at Game Rev.

      – Color changes on backpack, server list and destination screens.

      – Changed goldish text colors in backpack to green.

      – Centered the close backpack button.

      – Reformatted backpack GUI to match the rest of the HUD GUIs.

      – Added activation sound effects for Photon Shield.

      – Added friendly, hostile and NPC colors to the player name tags.

      – Removed head yaw from Yuls.

      – Reduced shape name draw distance to 100 meters.

      – The holster is removed from the player if they drop their Katana or Pistol.

      – Yul kill messages are now broadcast to everyone on the server.

      – Activated drone attack animation.

      – Converted Drones to flying AI.

      – Adjusted drone animations and center joint.

      – Hide shield status bar in GUI when restarting.

      – Changed reticle health bar mask.

      – Removed bobbing from drones.

      – Changed Yul group name.

      – Adjusted shield position.

      – Changed shield from a mounted static object to an equipment shape.

      – Resized Photon Shield.

      – Changed gauntlet lasers to turn on and off with the raid alarm.

      – Added death triggers to elevator floors in case someone falls through.

      – Made the sword fish in Mess Hall a static model.

      – Modified triggers to work with no warn message.

      – Reduced range for droids to 20.

      – Increase damage and firing rate for droid weapons.

      – Lowered Drones and moved the Yul’s a bit off center of the halls.

      – Made the Photon shield less like an obvious cylinder.

      – Gave feet melee weapons an item so they trigger hitbox detection.

      – Changed Yul drop chances to (shield:rings:shot:bullet) 20:20:30:30.

      – Changed hitboxes to Head, Torso, Leg, Arm and set values of 1.5, 1.0, 0.7 and 0.5 for all weapons.

      – Changed pistol bullets pickup name from Bullet to Enforcer Bullets – reduced pickup distance in general from 20 to 10.

      – Added spaces in the word H E A L T H for the health GUI.

      – Increased muzzleVelocity on projectiles – Enforcer from 200>300 Plasma Blaster from 150>300 – Intimidator from 150>200.

      – Added hitbox multipliers for weapons.

      – Added shield meter to left hand pouch box.

      – Updated GuiHealthBarHud to display control object shield value in addition to health and energy.

      – Fix to delete a player’s shield if the player leaves a server while wearing it.

      – Mat change for Photon Shield.

      – Set Photon Shield scale to 1 1 1.

      – Added drop items to Yuls (AI Defenders).

      – Fix for dropped/lost items being placed in empty pouch slots.

      – Made food items keep on death.

      – Added Photon Shield.

      – Adjusted weapon timing to prevent dry-fires when clicking too fast.

      – Set hud pouches to automatically cycle to the next weapon if the current weapon runs out of ammo.

      – When the active pouch slot is emptied (by dropping, throwing, eating or selling) the next available slot becomes active.

      – New Bg image for new InterPlay screen.

      – Fix for inventory bug when player dies. (Apples multiplying…etc).

      – Plus many behind the scenes game code and developer tool improvements.

      See you in the AlterVerse,

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