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    Changelog for 04-06-2020

    We are now at Game Rev.

    – Added semi-dynamic probe system for faster lighting updates and better reflections.

    – New Ship Hull texture customizer.

    – New Ship Interior texture customizer.

    – New Crew Room texture customizer.

    – Added Datablock caching for faster load times.

    – Added 6 new Wall Art images to choose from in Crew Rooms.

    – Made doors lockable and the name above the door customizable by crew room owner and ship owner.

    – New inset screens for Crew Rooms.

    – Added more lasers to Gauntlet during raids.

    – Adjusted HDR settings so the Gauntlet doesn’t go black after firing.

    – Made the Lounge Sign Name customizable by Server Owners – Name your pub!

    – Added customizable light coloring on Armor and Helmets.

    – Added customizable light coloring to the XR75’s.

    – Added Synbad to the Training Center equipped with a Windrazor.

    – Added 2 Boxing Rings to the Training Center – Synths spawn into.

    – Faster Enjin wallet inventory loading from mainnet platform update.

    – Upgraded Drone and Droid Gun Effects.

    – Made all Droids friendly when not in Quest mode.

    – Added custom MvB Helmet skin.

    – Added scope image to Graviton Guns.

    – Made the muzzleflash smaller on the Graviton.

    – Fixed physics in the Waste Dump.

    – Adjusted uniform textures to be more realistic.

    – Added a new Map with more visible and accurate player dot.

    – Added Freeplay instructions screen for new players to get familiar with the basics.

    – Made My Faces blue in the Metrics pane for easier reading.

    – Made the Plasma Blaster and Shotgun fire faster.

    – Rearranged weapons in the Hold and Armory for easier selection.

    – Added more Yul Spawn locations.

    – Added new Leaderboard to display Top Raiders from Yesterday, Last Week and Last Month.

    – Fixed damage nodes on Sabre so it hits properly.

    – Adjusted time in the Metrics pane to always show AVT time (CDT).

    – Made ctrl+k respawn a more normal respawn vs death animation and cry.

    – Disabled lasers in Fitness center when not in Quest mode.

    – Added Docking trigger for XR75’s below the opening in the rear launch bay.

    – Shader adjustments and fixes.

    – Adjusted lighting throughout ship.

    – Added collision to large boxes in the Armory.

    – Adjusted transparency on Food case in the Mess Hall.

    – Adjusted lights, shadows and probes in Lounge.

    – Adjusted lights inTraining Center.

    – Added wall lights in Supply room.

    – Updated text on the game selection screen for Disruption.

    – Adjusted lighting on all signs on the ship.

    – Multiple texture fixes and updates.

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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