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      Changelog for 07-12-2018

      We are now at Game Rev.

      – Put Teleport spawnSpheres back in the Foe group.

      – Fixed Hexum’s path.

      – Made several door signs that were partially covered blank so they don’t overlap.

      – Adjusted a door and chairs the NPC’s are sitting in.

      – Added collision meshes to CommCenter Chairs on Bridge.

      – Adjusted collision on door frames.

      – Added a blank sign material to put on some doors that shouldn’t have a sign showing.

      – Rescaled texture on elevator blocks.

      – Added utilityshaft to signs.

      – Converted control room doors to Px3Shapes.

      – Put control room doors back in.

      – Added a block to hide the Teleport center and elevator shafts when standing in the lounge.

      – Deleted a couple of unused models.

      – Added new Bridge console.

      – Replaced store room and all contents and adjusted some materials.

      – Added the missing newMat->mCubemapData = oldMat->mCubemapData; entry in ShapeBase::cloneSkinMat.

      – Applied cubemap data that was in the wrong colorspace.

      – Revised binary.

      – Removed fliprb. Replaced it with fixing subnstance exports (they output as srgb). Also added the ability to import greyscale 16s.

      – Damaged doors, removed animation from elevator doors.

      – Re-ordered the aft elevator lifts and buttons so the buttons are loaded before the lifts.

      – Swapped all doors except the Control Room and added all of the signs to them.

      – Removed and replaced the plastic looking boxes and barrels and removed decals.

      – Updated DoorShape class to work with the new animated doors.

      – Added wall, floor and ceiling sets 1-6.

      – More walls and ceiling and floor textures and a peek at the new door.

      – Removed extensions from owner skin options so all options do not need to use the same file types.

      – Added FlipRB option to owner skins.

      – Removed the old cooler model and textures.

      – Fixed a couple of missing materials and removed the last of the textures from 3drt_orion directory.

      – Changed texture on Sparring sign.

      – Updated global skinning options.

      – Added targets and some boxes to training center.

      – Removed DraftBall room, replaced with an empty training room.

      – Reduced the size of all new sign textures to 1/4 size.

      – Replaced bottom lights on trim with vents.

      – Moved items out of the 3drt_orion directory and cleaned up decal directory.

      – New Deck and Sector Signs.

      – Added a physical map to the bridge and TP center.

      – Turned on transparency in the stats GUI.

      – Put prices on the ammo and adjusted prices on weapons.

      – New bridge stub wall.

      – Increased damage on Mantis weapon.

      – Adjusted/removed some decals.

      – New Gauntlet hall textures, Gauntlet lighting, sfx, smoke fire and Aliens.

      – New Hold room.

      – New Bridge for the Disrupter ships.

      – Adjusted Elevator shafts.

      – Added new supply room.

      – Moved all drone chutes up to touch the new higher ceilings and adjusted the scale of all doors to also hit the ceiling.

      – Brightened all the hall lights.

      – Fixed Teleport height and collision on center object and wall pipe in Teleport center.

      – New Teleport Center, moved to it’s own directory.

      – Moved Draftball building to ballcourt directory.

      – Reduced SSAO so it doesn’t look like a dark cloud all around you.

      – Added collision to top of jump tube.

      – New elevator lift.

      – New control room.

      – Added new elevator shaft, jumptube tops, meeting rooms and adjusted door heights.

      – Jumptube tops and bottoms – moved elevator signs into the sig directory sign.

      – More cleanup and adds.

      – Gauntlet hall replacement.

      – Adjusted transparent Utility Shaft sign.

      – More halls and textures.

      – More light overlay colors.

      – Additional floor textures.

      – Added first test hall section and texture sets.

      – New wall lights textures.

      – New base ceiling textures.

      – New droid textures.

      – New base wall and floor textures.

      – Start of art pass, getting better looking textures and cleaning up some ugly stuff.

      – Stephan re-uved and re-textured the Store room rack.

      – Changed texture on Droid, added illum layer.

      – Fixed problem of activation triggers not resetting if players die in the trigger.

      – Added zones and portals to the draftball, medlab, messhall and waste dump rooms, also deleted the WasteDump water block to help with lag spikes.

      – Tiny hall wall placement adjustments.

      – Adjusted stripe height on skin 2.

      – Adjusted stripe height for wall 7.

      – New Wall 5 and 7 options.

      – Adjusted elevator decals

      – Removed HDR from postFX and changed the lights on Option 2 and 6.

      – Updated Magellan shape list.

      – Cleaned up error checking in murmur startup.

      – Updated murmur.exe for voice chat.

      – Wall option 6 adjusted.

      – Restored original skin names in the terminal models.

      – New Option 2 Wall textures.

      – Changed serverlist online text color to green.

      – Fixed the bread model’s collision and replaced it in Mess Hall so it doesn’t block the aisle behind the counter.

      – Set ‘mamas’ skins on aft elevators.

      – New RaidLose background image.

      – Added Bridge sign to elevatorLift.

      – Plus a lot more game code optimizing and improvements.

      See you in the AlterVerse,

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