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    Hi all – was kinda busy last couple of days. But Alterverse still on the back of my mind. I found the following two – attack surface? – questions hanging around in my mind. Questions for a future situation where the game became awefully successful. So successful that some server owners do not even have to be constant skin sellers to be profitable, running the server already brings enough players to be net profitable. ~200servers online. 2000 players online at any given moment.

    What stops the competition from DDossing others servers on busy game days. All servers are behind simple internet connections. Why would people not do this now that there is a $incentive. No DDoS attacks = game not popular enough ? 🙂

    Bring Server down – i’m loosing money
    Is there a punishment when server owner brings server down, during a high stake raid? Like “owshit these guys are good 10.000ACES on the line, CTR-C ! CTRL-C ! CTRL-C ! Of course natural selection. Where people just don’t come to your server anymore. (But who cares, fresh blood entering AV every week).

    If game is not successful these are no threats. But cannot seem to shake the feeling if game is successful DDoS would be a serious annoyance. 🖖
    But maybe the more the game gets successful -> the more the server owner earns -> but also the more he gets attacked -> the more infrastructure upgrades are needed., and at some point it would be net profitable to run server at a Hosting company with DDoS protection and not from home anymore.

    I think these are topic we should not loose sight of, and calibrate our insights as the game moves along.

    You better rush when you have the time, so you have time when there is none.
    -Blackice Network

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