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    Do you have a discord channel? and if not. why not?

    It would greatly increase your ability to communicate with players and make sure they don’t miss upcoming events.

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    Hi Kief! We do,

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    Well, as long as someone in there knows what’s going on. 🙂

    Though, I can’t join it with that link. do you have an invite link?

    Just in-case:
    Right-click a room (within a channel) > Instant Invite

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    Sorry about that. Here’s another one. This one should not expire. lol

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    That works. Thanks!

    I see I am one of the first members to join, of many I’m sure. 🙂

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    Glad it works! See you in the AlterVerse!

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    Wish I could join tonights fun. but it’s a bit late for me in the UK.

    Hope to join on Sunday though!

    Good luck with the raid! May it be both fun & fruitful. 🙂

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