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    Take the elevators to get to the rest of the ship.   If you don’t get out quickly enough just press the button for the floor you’re on again.  

    All crates and barrels throughout the halls are physics models and can be blasted and or pushed.  

    There are 4 main Sectors, each Sector has 2 Decks.   You can use the Jump tubes to go up and down.   

    Each area has 4 crew rooms. Each Crew Room has a large window with a view.   They also all have a big screen TV and a small screen and chairs you can sit on to watch a video or surf the web.   To interact with the screens, press E when hovered over.   Right click to re-gain control.   Use ctrl+backspace to go back to a previous screen and Home to go back to the Home page.  

    In the center of each sector you’ll find the various rooms with challenges and/or monsters to overcome as part of the Quest for the Keys.   You’ll find a Med Lab, Mess Hall, a Supply Room, Waste Dump, Fitness Center, and so on.  

    The lounge is at the back of the ship on Deck 3.   It’s designed to be a fun place with a great view for people to mingle when not engaged in battle.   It’s situated at the back of the ship so we can watch people compete in XR75’s on the ring course.

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