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    In the Launch Bay on Deck 1 at the rear/aft of the ship you’ll find 6 XR75 Stingers.

    There are also 26 XR75’s in the Lower Launch Bay.  These are your Fighter ships.

    When you’re on the Bridge you’ll see 2 clickable signs that will teleport you to either Launch Bay.  Choose one and go.

    Pick an XR75 to fly, it’s best to grab one that has a clear path out versus one in the back of the line.

    Place the chevron on one and press E.  This will mount you in the ship.

    The ship’s skin and name will change based on what you input on the Customizer screen as you entered the game.

    On the in-game Menu, if you go to My Settings > Controls, you’ll see several options for the XR75 controls.

    By default:
    Use W and S to fly forward and back.
    Use A and D to roll the ship.
    Press the left mouse button to fire the laser weapon and hold down Shitf +W to fly faster.

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