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    How To Play In The AlterVerse – The Basics.


    1. If you haven’t already, create an account on Steam at then install Steam.   You’ll see a small Install icon on the top right of their site.   Once installed, a log on window will come up, log in, they’ll ask you to confirm your email address.   Do that.   Click on Library on the top.   On the bottom left of the Steam window, click “+ ADD A GAME…”
    2. A context menu will open. Choose the “Activate a product on Steam…” option.
    3. Click “NEXT”. Click “I AGREE” to the Subscriber Agreement
    4. Copy and Paste your product code (the KEY we gave you) into the box and click “NEXT
    5. Activation Successful!   You can Print a receipt (optional), and finish.
    6. Click the big blue Install button.   You’ll see the install progress at the bottom.
    7. When it’s done press the blue Play button.
    8. The tap-link will launch.   Log in there with your username and password form the AlterVerse site.
    9. Avii will show up and tell you to click Open Portal.   Do what Avii says!
    10. The next screen comes up, we call it the Destination screen.
    11. Click on the Settings button on the bottom left and adjust your screen resolution to better match your monitor.
    12. Choose Disruption and click Take Me There!
    13. The Interplay Mode screen comes up.   Choose Join a World this first time.
    14. The World screen will come up, you’ll see the Magellan on the list.   Click it and click Join Now on the bottom right.
    15. Next you’ll get the Arrival screen where you can customize your avatar and create a Character name.   You can have a first and a last name.
    16. Below that is the Join as: Select Member.
    17. In Alliance Name section, choose Magellan Crew.
    18. Then click Done, Let’s Go!
    19. A loading screen comes up with some basic instructions on Controls etc.   Take note!
    20. In a minute or so you’ll be on board the Magellan!


    WASD to move Forward – Left – Back and Right
    Press E when you see the chevron appear to interact with Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)
    Press E to pick up items and to press buttons also.
    Press the Left Mouse Button (LMB) to punch with the right hand or to fire a weapon.
    Hold down the Right Mouse Button (RMB) to aim a gun.
    Hold Down Z and press LMB to use Left Hand items and weapons.
    Hold X and press LMB to Kick.
    Use the scroll wheel to go in and out of 1st person view.

    Press Q to switch items in your Left Pouch/Hand.
    Press R to switch items in your Right Pouch/Hand.
    Press C to Crouch.
    Hold down Shift and W to Run.
    Press Space Bar to Jump.

    Click the Menu gui to expand out or hide the various buttons
    Compass – The compass on your ship uses A-F-P-S for Aft, Fore, Port and Starboard.
    Press Alt-P to take a screenshot.
    Press M to dismount from a chair.
    Ctrl-W to Wave
    Ctrl-S to Salute


    The first time on the ship you’ll have to load the various sectors, take your time and let it load.   We’ll be working on reducing load times over the next few weeks.

    Take the elevators to get to the rest of the ship.   If you don’t get out quickly enough just press the button for the floor you’re on again.   All crates and barrels throughout the halls are physics models and can be blasted and or pushed.   There are 4 main Sectors, each Sector has 2 Decks.   You can use the Jump tubes to go up and down. Each area has 4 crew rooms.   The Crew Rooms are customizable using the Customizer button on your menu roll-up.   Each Crew Room has a large window with a view.   They also all have a big screen TV and a small screen and chairs you can sit on to watch a video or surf the web.   To interact with the screens, press E when hovered over.   Right click to re-gain control.   Use ctrl+backspace to go back to a previous screen and Home to go back to the Home page.   In the center of each sector you’ll find the various rooms with challenges and/or monsters to overcome as part of the Quest for the Keys.   You’ll find a Med Lab, Mess Hall, a Supply Room, Waste Dump, Fitness Center, and so on.   Mama Bahama’s lounge is at the back of the ship on Deck 2.   It’s designed to be a fun place with a great view for people to mingle when not engaged in battle.   It’s located just above the launch bay so we will be able to watch fighter ship dog fights from there as well!


    Press E on one of the two Sparring screens that are located in the Training Center to summon Synthia.   She’s a good punching bag!   Press E again on the screen to make her go away or knock her out and she’ll go away too.


    If you have a microphone and want to use it you’ll have to set-up the voice chat.   Go to My Settings – F8 and click the audio button on the left.   Put a check in Voice Chat Enabled if it’s not already checked then click Voice Chat setup.   That will walk you through setting it up.   You may have to go into Control Panel>Sound to set your microphone as the default device.   Use “G” key to toggle between Ranged Chat and Global Chat.   When on a Raid the Voice Chat is private and separated from Raiders and Defenders.


    On the Destination Screen, choose the world you want to go to and click Take me there!
    On the Interplay Mode pop-up choose Join a World.
    The World list will appear.   Click on the world you want to go to and click Join Now to be taken there!
    There is also a Details button on the bottom to get more info on a given world.
    On the Prepare for Arrival screen in the Join as: drop down choose to Join as a Friend or as a Member of the Alliance if you ARE a member.
    If you join as a Friend you will have NO weapons and you will land on the Bridge.   If you join as a Member, you’ll have whatever inventory you had the last time you visited.


    The ship is under attack and someone has taken over the controls!
    Your mission is to find all 8 keys to reset the controls.
    The Quest Tracker screen will come up every time you board your ship until you complete the entire quest the first time.
    If you’re not in the mood or too scared just click the Not Now button.
    If you wish to start the quest choose the First Key button.   The self-destruct timer will start and you will need to hurry to save your ship!
    Interact with the various NPC’s you see to get clues. Listen closely to Avii, she will try to help you too.
    You can do each key one at a time and redo them all later to improve your overall score and rank.
    You’ll find weapons and other items along the way that you’ll need to complete the quest so keep your eyes and ears open!


    This may be a slightly more advanced thing to do. It’s fairly easy overall though.
    If you have a LAN and a Router you will need to open the ports 28000 and 28001 UDP and TCP.
    If you have a single computer and a cable or DSL modem you may not have to open a port.
    For more info on how to open a port on your router find out what brand it is and go to
    Or do a search on Google and/or YouTube for that router type.
    There’s a ton of free info and guides out there for all the various brands.
    Once you have the ports open, launch the game.
    On the Destination Screen, choose the world you want to go to and click Take me there!
    On the Interplay Mode pop-up choose Host a World.   In the My Info window on the right you’ll see Game Server UDP/TCP Port, make sure it’s set to 28000.
    In the Voice Server Type drop down, choose Murmur-Local.
    Set the Port to 28001. A password will be auto-generated.
    Click Save and then Launch Server.   Give it a few minutes to launch and you’ll see the button will change.
    Now you can hop on your server and so can others!

    If you are launching a server and find that the voice chat/murmur server isn’t running you may need to install the 32Bit: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86).   You can get it here.   Only takes a minute to install, no restart required.


    Raiding and protecting your ship from other raiders is one of the primary skills of a good Captain.
    Every ship starts with a treasury with 1,000 Aces (Game money).

    When raiding another ship you will spawn in the Teleport Center near the back of the ship.   You will have a limited time to get to the Bridge of the ship and get into the ships Hold at the back of the Bridge where the Captain’s Treasure is kept.
    Follow the signs to get to the Bridge.   You must click the Treasure Chest and then make it back to the Teleport Center to score.

    To raid another Ship, Join a Ship as mentioned above but this time in the Join as: drop down choose either Raider or Alliance Raid.
    If you join as a Raider no other members of your Alliance will be able to join in.   Other Alliances may also raid at the same time.
    As a Raider, 50% of the loot goes into your treasury and 50% goes to your personal inventory.
    If you join as an Alliance Raid, other members of your Alliance can join in.   50% of the take goes into your treasury and the other 50% is split equally between the raiding members of the Alliance.


    The game now supports the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive!
    Launch the game and on the Prepare for Arrival screen in the My Info box place an X in the Use VR Headset box.   Click Save.   Then click Done.   Let’s Go!
    Now you can put your VR headset on and wait for the game to load.
    When you land, press the menu button on the right controller to reset the HMD so you’re in the right position in relation to your avatar.
    You can move and turn using the two track pads.
    You can select buttons and NPC’s with the side button and fire or punch by pulling the triggers.
    We will be providing more detailed info soon!


    In the Launch Bay on Deck 1 at the rear/aft of the ship you’ll find 6 XR75 Stingers.   These are your Fighter ships.
    To fly one, place the chevron on one and press E.   This will mount you in the ship.
    Use W and S to fly forward and back.
    Use A and D to roll the ship.
    Press the left mouse button to fire the laser weapon and hold down Shitf +W to fly faster.
    In the coming weeks we will add the ability to Raid by air…err space.   You know, in an XR75 Stinger fighter ship!   Stay tuned!


    Draft ball is in the works and coming soon!
    When it’s ready you’ll be able to form ad-hoc teams and play against each other in a crazy game that’s a little like basketball combined with rugby!

    See you in the AlterVerse.

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