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    How To Install the game and use your Steam Key.



    – Create an account on Steam at then install Steam.  You’ll see a small Install icon on the top right of their site. Once installed a log on window will come up, log in, they’ll ask you to confirm your email address.  Do that.  You’ll see a window like below. Click on Library on the top.  On the bottom left of the Steam window, click “+ ADD A GAME…”

    Add AlterVerse to Steam

    – A context menu will open. Choose the “Activate a product on Steam…” option.
    – Click “NEXT”. Click “I AGREE” to the Subscriber Agreement
    – Copy and Paste your product code (the KEY we gave you) into the box and click “NEXT”

    Activate your AlterVerse Steam Key

    – Activation Successful! You can Print a receipt (optional), and finish.
    – Click the big blue Install button.  You’ll see the install progress at the bottom.
    – When it’s done press the blue Play button.
    – The tap-link will launch.  Log in there with your username and password form the AlterVerse site.
    – Avii will show up and tell you to click Open Portal. Do what Avii says!
    – The next screen comes up, we call it the Destination screen.
    – Click on the Settings button on the bottom left and adjust your screen resolution to better match your monitor.
    – Choose Disruption and click Take Me There!
    – The Interplay Mode screen comes up.  Choose Join a World this first time.
    – The World screen will come up, you’ll see the Magellan on the list.  Click it and click Join Now on the bottom right.
    – Next you’ll get the Arrival screen where you can customize your avatar and create a Character name.  You can have a first and a last name.
    – Below that is the Join as: Select Member.
    – In Alliance Name section, choose Magellan Crew.
    – Then click Done, Let’s Go!
    – A loading screen comes up with some basic instructions on Controls etc.  Take note!
    – Then finally you’ll be on board the Magellan!

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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