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    Once you’ve gotten onto Steam and installed the game, Installing the game on Steam it’s time to launch your server! Please come onto the Magellan as a visitor first so you know you can get on and so we can give you a tour, some pointers and test voice chat. This is also where we’ll be waiting to handle support questions in real-time. Don’t ask questions on Discord or Telegram. The Community Managers don’t necessarily know the answers! There’s a Bug tracker button on the Menu in-game for submitting bugs and there’s a Questions forum for posting non-emergency questions. Please use these systems for the fastest results!
    This long description looks intimidating but it’s really quite simple. We just are trying to cover every step for that first launch.

    1. Make sure you have created an Alliance on the site first. Click Create Alliance HERE
    2. Open up Steam, go to the Library and click on AlterVerse.
    3. Click the green Play button.
    4. The first time in you may get the Register screen. Choose Click Here To Login. Don’t register. You already have an account!
    5. The game intro vid will play and land you on the Login screen. Login using the AlterVerse website username not the or Steam username.
    6. On the next screen make sure you have linked the wallet that holds the server you intend to launch. There’s a small Enjin icon on the bottom left for linking. (You only have to do this once.)
    Once linked, choose Disruption on the bottom left and click Play Now! (The other thumbnails are for upcoming games, they won’t work yet.)
    7. On the next screen click the Launch Server button on the bottom left.
    8. Choose the server number you wish to launch if you have more than one. If it doesn’t show up there you may not have linked successfully. Try again and maybe log off and back on.
    9. Select the Server Type. During Phase 1 only Freeplay will work. The rest of the game play modes will be released over the next few weeks. See the schedule HERE
    10. Select the Alliance you created for this ship. (You can create up to 5 Alliances at this time for multiple ships.)
    11. Type in the name you want this ship to be known as. Use discretion when naming, profane or racist names are not allowed. Here are some IDEAS
    12. You can leave the Server Port number at the default. You’ll need to make sure this port is open on TCP/UDP if you have a router. Many people have a single cable modem and won’t have to do anything. Some cloud hosting services will require you to ask them to open it, others will already be open. There are a lot of different routers out there so we can’t describe here how to open ports for all of them. We suggest you go to the website of the router manufacturer for details on opening ports.
    13. You can check Make this a Private Server if you want to give out passwords to friends and not allow the general public to visit.
    14. Max Players default is set at 64. This will typically be fine but you may want to raise or lower it depending on the physical server specs and bandwidth you have available. All of these settings can be changed each time you launch.
    15. Voice Server Type. Murmur-Local is set by default and, unless you’re a murmur server expert, you should leave it as-is. Leave the port number at 28001 too. This port will also need to be open on your router for TCP/UDP for the built-in voice chat to work. The address can be left blank and the password is automatically generated. You can change it if you want to but there’s no need.
    16. Click the Launch Ship button!
    17. A Server Launching screen will pop-up. Click OK.
    18. A command prompt style window will open up, this is your server! It will probably open over top of the smaller window. You can just move it out of the way.
    19. Wait for the server to say Server Ready for connections! Then click back on the game screen.
    20. Now you can either click Quit and just let the server run or you can customize your avatar and skins and then hop on the server!
    21. After getting the look you want and the skins applied that you want to use, click Done. Let’s Go!
    22. The Join As screen pops up. From the drop down select the Alliance you chose for this ship.
    23. Enter the character name you want displayed in the game then click Go Now!
    24. After some loading time, (we’re working on speeding this up significantly) you’ll land on your ship!
    25. Now you can click the Ship Customizer button on the menu and start customizing your ship! We will be doing a large update to the Ship Customizer in a couple of weeks. you’ll be able to select custom colors for the walls, floors, ceilings and ships hull similarly to the way you can select colors for uniforms. You will also be able to apply skins to the XR75’s in the 2 launch bays and completely customize each crew room for your Alliance members and crew room owners.

    This is not complete by any means but should get you going. We’ll add to and edit this over the coming weeks as we get feedback from everyone.

    In order to leave your ship and get back on it again you’ll need to create a shortcut on your desktop. Steam won’t allow you to click Play again on a game that’s already running. You can also launch more than one ship on a single machine. Here are some more advanced instructions:

    Server Shortcuts

    Creating a desktop icon for your server
    From your server launch screen, save your settings and make note of the server index number shown at the top.
    Go to your Steam Library, right-click on AlterVerse and select properties.
    Select the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files…
    Right-click on AlterVerse.exe and select Create shortcut.
    Right-click on the new shortcut and select properties.
    At the end of the target path (“…\…\AlterVerse.exe”) add the following:
    -ded_config dedicatedMagellan_###
    replacing ### with the index number of your server.
    You can now click OK and drag the shortcut icon to your desktop.
    If you will be launching multiple servers, create a shortcut for each using their unique index numbers.
    You can launch your server before starting steam so you can leave it running while entering and exiting the game client or other steam games.

    Sharing a Murmur server between multiple game servers
    If you will be launching multiple servers from the same machine, we recommend that you launch one voice server and share it among all of your game servers.
    On the first server you will be launching, set Voice Type to Murmur – Local. Enter a Port and Password, then save or launch the server.
    On each subsequent server, set Voice Type to Murmur – Remote, enter the same Port and Password you used for the first server. In the Address box, enter your public IP address ( etc.) and save the settings.

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