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    Major Server Customizer Update is now Out!         Game ver.

    This is a very extensive update and allows server owners to dramatically change the look of their ships inside and out!   Both the interiors and exteriors of AlterVerse Disrupter ships can now be uniquely colorized.

    Inside the Starships we went from 10 different ceiling, wall, and floor designs each, up to 30 of each to choose from, and all of them can be uniquely colorized in 2 to 4 areas.
    All the lights can also be changed and a new dynamic reflection probe system propagates the changes throughout the entire ship instantly.

    On the outside, the ship’s hull is divided into four areas that can each be colorized independently.   Even the color of the hull lights can be customized.
    Ship Owners can also add the name of their ship to the front area just below the Ship’s Bridge window.

    Check it all out in this cool New Server Customizer video here!

    Server Customizer Video

    We’ve also upgraded and enhanced the Crewroom Customizer with 6 new choices of wall art, new rug styles and even new bed coverings.
    Plus, the ceilings, walls, floors, and lights can all be colorized independently from the rest of the ship.

    Custom Designed Crewroom

    Now, Crewroom owners can link their Enjin wallet to confirm ownership of their rooms, then put their name above the door, and even lock the doors if they want.   The ship’s owner can also customize the name and lock or unlock the doors.

    There’s also a new Crewroom Customizer video here for the Crewrooms too, check it out!


    Keep on readin’, there’s a whole lot more in this update.
    Here are some hightlights of this huge update.


    As per the Captains’s orders we’ve increased the security of the Gaunlet/Utility shaft during raids by adding more lazers and AI Yul defender spawn locations.
    The lighting has been adjusted so the Gauntlet doesn’t go dark black after firing weapons with a bright muzzle flash.


    The Lounge Sign is now customizable by Server Owners.   You can now name your pub!


    – Added customizable light coloring on Armor and Helmets.

    – Added custom MvB Helmet skin.

    – Adjusted uniform textures to be more realistic.


    – Added scope image to Graviton Guns.

    – Made the muzzleflash smaller on the Graviton.

    – Made the Plasma Blaster and Shotgun fire faster.

    – Fixed damage nodes on Sabre so it hits properly.

    – Rearranged weapons in the Hold and Armory for easier selection.

    – Added customizable light coloring to the XR75’s.

    – Added Docking trigger for XR75’s below the opening in the rear launch bay.

    NPC’s AND AI

    – Added 2 Boxing Rings to the Training Center – Synths spawn into.

    – Added Synbad to the Training Center equipped with a Windrazor.

    – Upgraded Drone and Droid Gun Effects.

    – Made all Droids friendly when not in Quest mode.

    – Added more Yul Spawn locations.


    – Added Datablock caching for faster load times.

    – Faster Enjin wallet inventory loading from mainnet platform update.


    – New Ship Hull texture customizer.

    – New Ship Interior texture customizer.

    – Added semi-dynamic probe system for faster lighting updates and better reflections.

    – Shader adjustments and fixes.

    – Adjusted lighting throughout ship.

    – Adjusted transparency on Food case in the Mess Hall.

    – Adjusted lights, shadows and probes in Lounge.

    – Adjusted lights in Training Center.

    – Added wall lights in Supply room.


    You can view our official changelog here.

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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