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    Monster Game Update!   Game Ver.

    Hi everybody, we just released a HUGE update to the AlterVerse Game client!
    It’s so huge in fact, we’re calling it a Monster Game Update!
    This Monster Game Update is filled with many exciting new features, several gameplay changes for Metagaming, plus tons of performance improvements and bug fixes!
    Here’s some of the more exciting highlights below!

    AlterVerse Disruption - Battle in the Launch Bay.


    Multiple Hitboxes For The Player Models!

    That’s right, now you can aim for the head and get rewarded for a successful headshot! There are now four seperate hitbox areas, the head and neck, the torso, arms and legs.   Weapon damage amounts are multiplied depending on where you hit your target.   A headshot is worth 1.5 times the damage of the weapon being used, the body is 1 times, arms are set at 0.5 times and legs are 0.7 times the damage amount of the weapon being used.   No weapons will cause a one hit headshot kill on a player with FULL health.   However, do keep this in mind, if you’re a little low on health it’d be best to eat!

    Photon Shield!

    Now you can get yourself a little more protection with a Photon Shield.   This new shield is made from a specialy crafted plasma material that adds an extra 300 HP to your health.   Designed to mitigate any damage received till the 300 HP wears out, then it collapses and disappears.
    But, if you’re lucky enough to get another one before the first one wears out, the current Photon Shield refills back up to the max!   When the Photon Shield is active you’ll see a Photon Shield HP level bar right above your Health Bar.

    Coloured Player Name Tags!

    Team killing just got a bit harder! LOL
    If you have ever had problems distinguishing a friend from a foe, don’t worry the player name tags are now coloured accordingly, GREEN for Alliance members and friends, BLUE for NPC’s and RED for enemies or foes!


    No more flinching when shot!   Not much else to say here except, YAHOO! YIPPEE! KYUOO!
    Yul - Disrupter Ship AI Defender
    The Yuls, the Disrupter ship’s AI Defenders grant items upon death!
    It can be a very long and dangerous trip to the Treasury Hold of a Disrupter ship during a Raid.
    You need to be prepared and ready for combat.   We want to help!   So to help you on your way, the Yul’s will now grant you ammo or a Photon Shield.   A randon type of ammo pack or a Photon Shield will automatically be placed into your inventory and you will get a HUD message announcing your reward with every successful take down of an enemy Yul!   The chances of getting any one specific item is as follows, Photon Shield 20% chance, Plasma Blaster rings 20%, Intimidator Shotgun shells 30% and Enforcer Pistol bullets 30%.   Of course there’s always a twist!   Only Raiders can be granted the rewards from the Yuls.

    You no longer need to manually change weapons when you run out of ammo.
    When your active pouch slot or your currently equipped item is emptied, either from running out of ammo or dropping, throwing or eating, the next available slot becomes active and ready to use!   While preparing for battle, remember this when organizing your pouches and have your backup weapon or food set and ready to go!

    Yul kill messages are now broadcast to everyone on the server.   Now you’ll know when an enemy is killing your ship’s AI defence Yuls.

    To help you protect the Disrupter’s Treasury, the damage and firing rate for the big Droid’s weapons have been increased.   At the same time we reduced their range, so they can’t shoot down the Gauntlet.

    Now you can see a health bar above your reticle when aiming at the Yuls, so you can see their HP and know that you are indeed hitting them while firing.

    The distance we can see the player name tags is set to 100 meters.   This is to help us get a little bit closer to the enemy without our name tags giving away our position!

    Gave feet the ability to trigger hitbox detection.   Now a kick in the head is worth more than a kick in the butt!


    The Apple Fix for the inventory bug when a player dies.   When you die with apples they won’t multiply or get placed in your pouch anymore.

    Used up food items will no longer remain in your active slot.

    Adjusted weapon timing to prevent miss fires when clicking too fast.

    New easier to find and easier to see Health bar.

    Changed the Gauntlet lasers to turn on only during a raid.

    Added death triggers to the elevator floors in case someone falls through the edges to prevent exploiting.

    Reduced pickup and interaction distance.   You’ll have to get much closer to things in order to interact with them.   This to help prevent a few issues like accidently sitting in a chair while gathering food in the Mess Hall.

    Increased the velocity on projectiles – Enforcer Pistol from 200 to 300, the Plasma Blaster from 150 to 300 and Intimidator Shotgun from 150 to 200.

    The flying Defence Drones have been made into AI and now have an attack animation.   Plus they have been completly overhauled to keep them from moving out of their hitbox and to improve performance.

    Plus many, many more fixes and changes that can be viewed on our official changelog here.

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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