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      New Year’s Eve Game Update!   Game Version

      We’ve released another game update! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

      Here are some of the highlights from this New Year’s Eve revision!

      We’ve remodeled the Treasury Hold room and added another way in.   We call it the Gauntlet!   The Gauntlet is a hallway that goes from the Mama Bahamma’s Lounge to the Treasury Hold.   You’ll have to blast your way past all the drones, it’s not an easy way in!
      Once inside the Hold room you’ll notice there’s several loot boxes to pick from, each has a random amount of the ship’s treasury, click one and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

      Also, to help protect your ship’s treasury there are now laser beams at the entrance and exit doorways of the Treasury Hold room. Jumping through them takes a little health, so be prepared and have some food handy!
      Plus there’s a couple small fixes to the new Mohawk hair and some game client scripting fixes.

      This update bumps us up to Game version View all the new changes on the AlterVerse changelog here.

      See you in the AlterVerse,

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