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    This may be a slightly more advanced thing to do.  It’s fairly easy overall though.
    If you have a single computer and a cable or DSL modem you may not have to open a port.
    If you have a LAN and a Router you will need to open the ports 28000 and 28001 UDP and TCP.
    For more info on how to open a port on your router find out what brand it is and go to
    Or do a search on Google and/or YouTube for that router type.  There’s a ton of free info and guides out there for all the various brands.
    Once you have the ports open, launch the game.
    On the Destination Screen, choose the world you want to go to and click Take me there!
    On the Interplay Mode pop-up choose Host a World.
    In the My Info window on the right you’ll see Game Server UDP/TCP Port, make sure it’s set to 28000.
    In the Voice Server Type drop down, choose Murmur-Local.
    Set the Port to 28001. A password will be auto-generated.
    Click Save and then Launch Server.  Give it a few minutes to launch and you’ll see the button will change.
    Now you can hop on your server and so can others!

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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