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    Pre-Alpha XR75 Update!       Game Ver.

    Hello everybody, this is our second Pre-Alpha version update.
    We have made some adjustments to the flight controls on the XR75 fighter ships and fixed the following several issues,

    – No more Black Dome!   The skybox rendering issue on AMD GPUs should be cleared up.

    – Adjusted XR75 controls for improved turning, climbing and diving.

    – Cleaned up reticle for XR75.

    – Added a starting gate for the ring race.

    – Lowered LOD on XR75’s so they don’t disappear so quickly.

    – Made the rear launch bay ceiling and airlock opening taller to prevent the camera from going outside the building when using an XR75 in the back row in 3rd person view.

    – Added collision meshes to rear launchbay airlock opening on both sides to prevent walking out into space.

    – Adjusted pictures in Mama Bahamas lounge that were flashing in client server mode.

    – Adjusted the zone in the training center to prevent it from disappearing when stepping outside of the zone in the alcoves.

    – Adjusted the weapons ammo count to be max per box to speed up accumulating ammo.

    – Adjusted the Graviton Gun max ammo down to 50 from 100 for better balance with other weapons.

    – Adjusted the male armor body and arm straps to prevent uniform poke through on the back when wielding the Plasma Hammer in 3rd person view.

    – Adjusted LOD on male and female uniform jackets to improve appearance at a distance.

    You can view our official changelog here.

    See you in the AlterVerse,

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