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    A Solo Raid is when you attempt to rob the treasury of a ship by yourself!

    To play, you choose Solo Raid from the game mode selection screen and then you’ll see a list of all the servers that have launched as Solo Raid servers.
    Look over the variables and choose which server/ship you want to raid based on Fee, Payout, Time Limit, Defenders deployed and Ping.

    Each player will be limited to the time allotted and the timer starts when you land on the server. Everyone is timed separately.
    Multiple Solo Raiders can be raiding a single ship at the same time. You will not know prior to landing on the ship whether or not there are other raiders present. Keep your eyes open!! Whether players fight each other or not will be up to them and is part of the excitement and intrigue!

    The Solo Raid timer starts when you land in the Teleport Center at the back of the ship. A message box will come up to fill you in on what you need to do.
    Essentially, you need to grab weapons and ammo from the Armory next to the Teleport Center and make your way to the front of the ship to the Ship’s Hold and click the Treasure chest.

    Disrupter Ship Treasury

    You then need to make it all the way back to the Teleport Center to actually win. On your journey you will have to navigate using the Map or go from memory. We recommend you get familiar with the weapons and layout of the ship in Freeplay mode on another server before attempting a Solo Raid.

    You will have to fight off Defense Drones, AI Defenders/Yuls and possibly other players. If you are killed at any point you will respawn in the Teleport Center and will have to begin again. When you kill a Yul they will automatically drop some ammo or bestow a Photon Shield on you. Pay attention to the notices!

    If you run out of time, the session is over and you lose the entry fee. The fee is transferred to the server owner’s account.
    If you make it to the treasure chest, click it and make it back without getting killed, you win!
    The session will be over and you will be dropped to a Win screen.
    Here you’ll will see how much you won and your rank.
    The payout is removed from the Server Owners account and placed in Your account.
    If the Server owner sets a Lock Out Time greater than 0, you will not be able to raid them again until that time has passed.
    The lockout time is also displayed on the Win screen.

    You can see your full rank details on the Ranks page under the Community link on the menu above.
    We will be ranking on Most Successful Solo Raids for Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month and for All Time!

    Do Not Camp or Farm the Neutral Zones. Do Not use abusive or racist language. Do Not be a Jerk.
    We reserve the right to ban people for these offenses!!

    Have Fun and Good Luck!!

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