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    something that i noted in txt file:
    To do:
    ->Every time when i (and probably many others) log into the game, i must remake/run the settings on audio in order to be able to hear and talk

    ->it doesnt seems fair (for the future because it will be a big problem with winning and losing faces, players and ship owners) if someone is non-stop on to be able to run/raid “n X” times every ship, even with some limitations will be ppl who will take advantage of them (even with limitations of number of maximum raids per day on player and on every ship by hour) ;
    ->When you raid a ship and u failed or aat least when u exit the game it doesnt count which is not fair, because and i tested it, if u see that u dont have enough time to finish it (many reasons why) you can just exist and come back and try again ;
    -> to have a system chat, where u can see (by asigning a to a key) system clock, position on the map (as coords with link and when u press that link will go to the map)
    -> hitbox on the mob should be higher or a better ideea is when u pointed right to the mob or someone the target to get the red form
    ->for space: docking mechanism and hitbox on everything should be visible or i dont know… in this moment u can blow up the ship even if u fly close to any object ;
    -> life/health bar with how much everyone have and some sort of window with damage/range/other info on every weapon/items ;

    for the future:
    ->need to think at some sort of economy of the game / loot pool (if it will exist or not) with or without money coning in-game from outside (from RL) as advertisments from companies (example companies are putting money for advertisement every where on the planets and/or ship for some commercials), you can do that after you prove that you have a critical number of players that will see them (x% from those money will go to owners/developers and y% will go to players in form as loot pool or some other ideeas ;
    Challenges: for example: (shooter or strategy game) n teams or players are putting in game 100 faces, winners takes 90-95% of it, the rest it goest to the company ;

    sry for any mistakes.

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    hmm, seems that i can not edit more then once my post, so i will just add here:
    for the future:
    ->achivemnts and other relative info from events and games to be on blockchain (without any kind of value) ;

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    ->printscreen button in-game assigned on a key which will save prinscreen to a default folder ;

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    -> hitbox on object is to small, you can hit them just from some position, for example on chair if i move ven a little i cant hit it, maybe should be the hitbox on everything should object outline.

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