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      Weapons Adjustment Update!

      We’ve released another AlterVerse game update!

      In this update we have added more AI Defenders and adjusted some of the weapons and made a few more changes!

      There are now a maximum of 20 AI defenders in total.   This makes it much more challenging to raid a ship!

      The AI Defenders now have a proper name.   We call them all, Yul.

      The Yul’s detection range distance has been adjusted down a bit so they can’t shoot you before you can see them.

      We lowered the amount of damage weapons cause to make the time-to-kill a bit longer and help make shootouts more fun.   Hit damage is now 100-DP for the Plamsa Blaster, 85-DP for the Intimidater ShotGun and 70-DP for the Enforcer Pistol.

      Bullet drop on the Intimidater ShotGun has been reduced to make it a bit more accurate.

      We lowered the impact force of weapons to help reduce the amount of fliching when getting shot.

      Also we added some sound effects for when a raid begins or ends and for the Air Raid system that will be coming out soon.

      The AI defenders will not be able to shoot through the walls and floors any more.

      Plus, a few other bugs have been fixed!

      View all the new changes on the AlterVerse changelog here.

      This update brings us to Game version

      See you in the AlterVerse,

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