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What is this 3000 thing?

The first 3000 people to donate prior to our Kickstarter will be part of the official Crew of the Magellan. YOU can be one of them!
First, create a free account by clicking Join Up. Then simply donate $10 or more via PayPal by clicking Join the 3000 on the left. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon. We are unable to give the same rewards after that. If we get all 3000 pre-Kickstarter then we will skip Kickstarter until after the beta. The more you donate, the more rewards you get!

What's the game all about?

It's about creating a VR community in a believable alternate universe.
It's part Sci-Fi and part Ancient Fantasy with more genres to come!
It's a complete Multi-player, Online, Free to Play, SandPark, Virtual Reality Venue (VRV), Adventure game.
It's a player driven, VR platform where people can play our levels and build their own VR Worlds and all will be connected via the Tap-Link's teleport function.
The AlterVerse supports the Oculus Rift and other VR accessories for a completely immersive VR experience.
It's currently in development by Dog Star VR Studios.

Do I need VR gear to play?

No! We've designed the game to be fully playable on your PC without any VR gear. The VR gear only enhances the experience. If you have the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift be sure to bring it!

When can I play?

Soon! We are currently polishing the fenders on the Magellan for its maiden voyage. Then we'll introduce Sky City, the first two Home Worlds, and a couple of the first Quest levels. On the programing side we are finishing the Editors so you can build live online with friends! We hope to have an Alpha client available within the next couple months. We have most of the game already in the can but need your help to finish it! In the meantime, please spread the word and get on the forums and let us know what kinds of things you'd like to see.

What about the game play?

You will advance your character in rank via Wealth and Locks. You gain Locks by completing Quests.
Locks protect your War Chest which you can carry with you or stash in the Fort or Castle of your Alliance or in any other location you feel is safe.
You gain Wealth by mining, PVP looting, hunting, fishing, robbing treasuries and slaying monsters.
Quests are challenging games within the game with score tracking so you can go back over and over to try to beat your own score or the scores of the other players. They're also a good place to collect loot!
We provide a full game environment complete with rival Home Worlds in various themes, exciting and challenging quests, hand to hand combat, melee, thrown weapons, fired weapons, ridable mounts, fishing, hunting, PvP, PvE, RvR and seige action.
We provide complete inventory and economy systems, customizable avatars, an Alliance creation system, Instant Messaging and Contacts and of course Magic!
At the same time Citizens will be able to build their own homes or entire worlds!
People anywhere and everywhere will be able to host their worlds on their own computers while still connected to the AlterVerse central servers creating a massive networked universe!
You will be able to invite friends to see your world or even help you build with NO restrictions on how many.
In fact, using our Affiliate program, we'll even PAY you to bring people in!
This all means a game of nearly limitless size.
You will build using the same development tools we used to create the game.
Good designers will be encouraged to create quests that will end up part of the larger game.
Migrants (Non-Citizens) get a customizable apartment in Sky City.

Why is it called a Project?

We're a small Indie Game Studio and games of this magnitude require the effort of a lot of people all working together. This is where YOU come in. We need your help!
We are trying to raise money to help finish the game. In exchange we're giving away lots of rewards.
We also have lots of job openings, mostly volunteer but some paid as well. Click Find a Job for details.


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