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The AlterVerse Project

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What is this?

The AlterVerse Project (TAP) is a Multi-player Online SandPark Game currently in development by Dog Star VR Studios. It's part Sci-Fi and part Ancient Fantasy set in the modern era. The game is poised to be one of the largest Indie games ever created! How so? With our technology, people anywhere and everywhere will be able to host their own worlds/levels on their own computers all while connected to the AlterVerse central servers! Players will build their own homes or entire worlds as part of a massive networked universe! You will be able to invite friends to see your world or even help you build with NO restrictions on how many. In fact, using our Affiliate program, we'll even PAY you to bring people in!
This all means a game of nearly limitless size!

What do you mean by SandPark?

You've heard of SandBox games where people do most of the building right? Think MineCraft. There are also ThemePark games where everything is built for you. Think WoW. In the AlterVerse we combine both of these great concepts. We provide a full game environment complete with Home Worlds in various themes, exciting and challenging quests, hand to hand combat, melee, thrown weapons, fired weapons, ridable mounts, fishing, hunting, PvP, PvE, RvR and seige action. We provide complete inventory and economy systems, customizable avatars, an Alliance creation system, Instant Messaging and Contacts and of course Magic! At the same time players will be able to build their own homes, forts, castles or entire worlds!
We call this a SandPark.

When can I play?

Very Soon! We are currently finishing a NEW multi-player Dinosaur demo and a NEW Goldmine demo. If you have the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift be sure to bring it! The demos are both designed to show off the Rift in all of its glory! We have most of the game already in the can but need your help to finish it! We are preparing to run a KickStarter campaign to raise the funds to polish it off. All contributors will become Citizens and receive all kinds of perks. Go to the Be First button for details. Next, tap the Join Up button to create a Free account and secure your username. You can even click the Citizens button to become a full blown Citizen and secure a low Citizen Number! In the meantime, please get on the forums and let us know what kinds of things you'd like to see.

Why is it called a Project?

We're a small Indie Game Studio and games of this magnitude require the effort of a lot of people all working together. This is where YOU come in.
We have lots of openings, mostly volunteer but some paid as well. Check out our Jobs page for details.


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