Welcome to the AlterVerse, a VR world and game creation platform! – Play our games or create your own!
There are now drones flying around in the Disrupters to help keep trespassers at bay! Warning! They only LOOK friendly!
Pre-order AlterVerse: Disruption now and get beta access as soon as the game comes out! Check out our News Page and Forums for updates on our progress!
Every Disrupter ship is now equipped with Artificial Intelligent Sparring partners you can fight with to practice and hone your fighting skills!
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7-1-17 the Disruption Begins!


On 7-1-17 the Magellan and her crew will make their maiden voyage into the AlterVerse! This is a CLOSED Alpha test open to the Magellan Crew and Select members of the Press ONLY!

If you are a Magellan Crew member please check your inbox carefully for your notice to get your Key! If you’re not yet a member it’s still not too late. Pre-order today and become a member of the historic Magellan Crew AND a Citizen for Life! This is a VERY limited time offer. You have until midnight CST 6-30-2017 to get on board!

A Citizen membership will get you AlterVerse: Disruption and ALL future games in the AlterVerse for FREE!

Don’t wait, you’ve got the guts, you’ve got the brains, all you need to do is:

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What is the AlterVerse?


The AlterVerse is a VR world and game creation platform. We are on the verge of releasing our first in a series of games. AlterVerse: Disruption will be set aboard a Disrupter ship exploring the new found solar system in the AlterVerse. You’ll have untold hours of fun trying to complete the engaging quest in single player mode and/or join the crew of an existing ship and raid the cargo of others. Challenge your friends to dog fights and play the space-age Draft Ball. Or, even more fun, name your ship and host the game yourself in multi-player mode! Watch the videos below for more details. 

Soon after, we’ll release the first of several survival style games in one tantalizing, ancient world theme and the rest will follow. Players will be able to play engaging, exciting games set on a vast variety of compelling worlds, complete with quests, immersive environments, PvP, and PvE action, full farming and crafting systems, hunting and fishing, built-in voice chat, instant messaging, mounts, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support and more!

Join us today and change your stars! This is the AlterVerse…

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Be the Captain of your own Command Ship – Create and host your own customizable Realm Server world or in one of five themes!

Oculus Rift - HTC Vive Support

Hook up the Rift or the Vive and other VR gear.


Teleport to other worlds, send Taps/IMs to your friends, check ranks, edit your account and Alliance from desktop or phone.


Craft basic raw materials into weapons, tools, food etc.

Alliance System

Join or create your own Alliance, Guild, Crew, Clan or Gang!

Customizable Avatars

Customize your look in 6 different themes – Male and Female avatars.

Complete Economy

Buy, sell, and trade items. Rob and raid ’til your heart’s content.

Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate, refer players and make serious money!


Go on exciting quests with Leaderboard scoring! Head out for adventure and major loot!

Robust Combat System

Punch, kick, melee, thrown and fired weapons.


Ride Horses, Gargoyles, and other creatures! Fly your own Space Fighter!

In-game Voice Chat

Directional and ranged voice chat at the click of a button!


The Places



You’ll start your adventure aboard a command ship exploring and raiding as you go. As new worlds are discovered, you’ll be able to call one of them home and learn to survive in a hostile yet beautiful place!



Captain your own ship in the AlterVerse. Raid other ships, dog fight and play Draft Ball!



A world of azure blue with sunlight dancing on its waves.



A world with forested jungles, expansive oceans, and sandy shorelines.



A lush green world of grassy glens encompassed by mountain ranges.



Stately mountains stand guard over the palm trees swaying on golden beaches.



Snow capped mountains, rocky cliffs, and icy seas abound.



So Many Places, So Many Avatars!


Use our extensive avatar customizer to get just the look you want. Male and female options, six different core styles based on the ship and Home World you choose, hair, face shapes, eye color, skins, skin tones, make-up, scars, tattoos, facial hair, and accessories!

You’re going to enter the AlterVerse in style!


Dog Star Studios


Dog Star VR Studios



Dog Star VR Studios is an indie game development company currently developing its third title; The AlterVerse. Our first game in a series of games based in the AlterVerse will be AlterVerse: Disruption. The AlterVerse is a VR world-creation and gaming platform.

Our team has been working on VR universes for some time, beginning several years ago with Aureus VR – an online community where players could build their own homes and settlements. The only problem was that it was missing the game-play elements.

Later we created Blood Clans, but this was more of a standard online game without the building features. Over the past few years, we’ve been working with a small team, on a shoestring budget, to bring these two great experiences together.


This is the AlterVerse…

Pre-Order Now!

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7

  • CPU: Dual Core  2.0 GHz

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Video: NVIDIA GTS 8600/AMD 2600  

  • VR gear not required to play

We are Building the AlterVerse



Pre-Order NOW!

Recommended Specs:

  • OS: Windows 10

  • CPU: Intel i5-4590+

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • Video: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290

  • VR gear not required to play

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