The Heart of the Multiverse

Sky City, an integral part of AlterVerse, is a vibrant MMOSSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Sandbox Game). Serving as the heart of social engagement, gaming, and trade, Sky City is the epicenter of the AlterVerse platform.

Providing more than 20 mini-games, Sky City offers endless fun and excitement. Players can design and build their dream home, establish and grow their businesses, or socialize at a plethora of live events.

The party never stops at Club Sky City, where players can dance till they drop! Moreover, Sky City enhances the immersive experience by providing a unique opportunity for players to shop for real-world goods within the game.


Sky City is...

Sky City is a vibrant, cosmopolitan hub in the clouds of planet Aureus, thriving with commerce, adventure, and opportunities for human interaction.

Built using Unreal Engine 5, this bustling city offers a multitude of activities such as exploring, building, shopping, crafting NFTs, trading, and gaming.

This futuristic city, set to launch in mid-2023, is reminiscent of Second Life and Minecraft, but with added game play and realistic building elements.

The Social Hotspot

Sky City is not just a place for commerce and adventure, but also a social hub that can host up to 200 players in a single instance.

The city has immersive 3D environments, day/night cycles, customizable avatars, and built-in voice chat.

It's a place where people gather for over 20 mini-games, housing and business creation, live events, and shopping for virtual and real-world items.

There's also an Art Gallery for NFT display, making it a melting pot of digital culture and interaction.

Experience the raw heat of clashing steal in Sky City's Mech Arena.

The Entertainment Hub

Catering to a broad range of interests, Sky City is an entertainment hotspot. It offers casual gaming for those who seek light fun and intense missions for thrill-seekers.

The city provides a range of activities, from titanic mech battles and laser tag tournaments to high-speed Charger races and 'Copter flights above the cloud-covered cityscape.

Adventurous souls can explore dangerous caves, mine precious resources, hunt wild animals, or strive to survive in the Demolition Pit.

The Economic Capital

As an economic capital, Sky City is an entrepreneur's dream. Opportunities abound to buy or rent shops, sell goods, build houses from scratch, and even manage large conferences.

When the city goes live, hundreds of retail shops and apartments will be available as NFTs, allowing owners to rent out these properties to other players.

This unique virtual economy is powered by AVC, a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Play & Earn Opportunities

Sky City, a vibrant hub in the AlterVerse, offers a myriad of opportunities for both fun and financial gains. In this digital universe, you don't just own items - you own assets that are permanently yours.

This economy is a place where vendors, entrepreneurs, and developers hold significant roles. Your creations, both virtual and real-world, can be sold through your shop, adding a unique sense of realism to the virtual economy.

You can engage in resource gathering and refinement to craft building parts and furnishings, and then sell these to other players for profit. You can even take on the role of a conference manager at the vast NFT Art Center, facilitating large gatherings and events. In Sky City, your economic opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Dance the night away in Club Sky City.

The Political Nexus

Sky City also serves as a political nexus. The city promotes decentralized governance and fairness.

The luxurious City Hall will be the meeting place of the City Council, with the goal of promoting tourism and enterprise throughout the city's economy.

Currently, Jesse Cass serves as Mayor, appointed for his generosity, until a formal election system can be implemented.

The City in the Sky

The heart of Sky City is surrounded by eleven massive Halospheres. These are floating platforms with land for sale.

Each HaloSphere caters to different player needs - some have plots for building homes, while others feature refineries or forest biomes where players can gather and refine resources.

It's a floating city where opportunities for earning credits, purchasing NFTs, and creating unique items are as vast as the virtual sky above.

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