Game Creator Features

At the heart of AlterVerse is our pioneering MetaServer infrastructure, the cornerstone of a genuinely decentralized metaverse where creators retain absolute control over their games and experiences. This infrastructure enables seamless access to all games, including MetaServers, via the AlterVerse platform. It facilitates free inter-dimensional teleportation and offers multiplayer experiences that can accommodate up to 200 players per server.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Unreal Engine and the innovative Altura NFT platform, AlterVerse is set to introduce MetaServers to the world. These are not just servers; they are platforms for creation that empower anyone and everyone to construct their own AAA-quality games, all with integrated NFT utility.

Flagship Games

Using our gameplay templates, creators with no experience can build a wide variety of games and experiences.
Sky City
The central hub for social interaction, gaming, and commerce in this world.
85% Complete
Esports Shooter
A first/third-person shooter with deathmatch, battle royale, and FFA modes.
70% Complete
Survival MMORPG
Rescue survivors, gather resources, craft materials, and fight horrific creatures.
70% Complete

Upcoming Worlds

Nine more worlds are in the works. Creators will be able to mix and match these new assets with our flagships gameplay templates to create infinitely expandable content.


200 players per instance, auto-instance creation.


Battletested plug-and-play game templates.

End-to-End Decentralization

Decentralized Game Servers

We give creators complete control over their game servers. This unique approach is paired with our out-of-the-box Web3 integrations, making AlterVerse the most decentralized game creator in the world.

Here, players have complete autonomy over their experiences while our customizable game templates provide the basis for designing unique content quickly and easily.

Finally, we provide complete creative freedom by allowing designers to import their own 3D models. This enables them to build truly one-of-a-kind games and experiences.

GPT Integration

Conversational AI

AlterVerse is integrating conversational AI into its core infrastructure, enabling creators to build interactive, voice-compatible Non-Player Characters (NPCs). These NPCs provide endless conversational content for players and help them find their way through the game.

Creators can personalize each character's appearance, backstory, actions, and knowledge bank, making their games unique and engaging. There is no other game creator in the world that provides such robust AI features.


Help players learn and master the game.


Answering any question a player asks.

Powered by Unreal Engine

AAA Graphics

AlterVerse's high-fidelity graphics and planned VR compatibility provide an ultra-realistic experience beyond the capabilities of any other game creator.

Ultra-Real Graphics

Stunning customizable graphics.

Asset Store

Build with assets from the UE Marketplace.

Life-Enhancing Gameplay

Physical Goods as Rewards

AlterVerse integrates real-world rewards into gaming, allowing players to buy and earn tangible goods through in-game shops.


Win physical goods that improve your real life.


Purchase items that get shipped to your door.

What is a MetaServer?

With the revolutionary MetaServers, it becomes possible to build interconnected, NFT-empowered 3D worlds accessible from anywhere, much like web hosts on the internet. This technology empowers users to 'teleport' between these varied worlds through an interactive server list in AlterVerse, turning each server into clickable gateways, akin to internet hyperlinks.

This system embraces decentralization. Any PC or third-party cloud server can be a host for a world or game, eliminating the need for large, centralized servers managed by a single organization, as commonly found in traditional game ecosystems. In AlterVerse's vision of the metaverse, decentralization reigns supreme.

Moreover, the creation of game templates in AlterVerse requires no coding or modeling expertise. The platform has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling anyone to craft fully playable games. With MetaServers, creating immersive, interconnected virtual worlds is within anyone's grasp.

This unique approach to game development democratizes the creation process, putting powerful tools in the hands of creators and offering players unparalleled gameplay experiences. In the AlterVerse, your creativity knows no bounds, and the potential for innovation is limitless.

The Gateway to Interconnected, NFT-Powered Worlds

MetaServers technology comes in two exciting forms: Game Servers and Community Servers. Both provide endless opportunities to craft immersive virtual experiences.

Game Servers: These servers let you create full-fledged high-fidelity games, with an array of templates to choose from, including popular ones like Sky City, Outpost, and REKT game modes. You can tweak these templates to cater to your unique gaming vision.

Community Servers: These servers serve as a mirror to real-world communities, either geographically or interest-based. Additionally, these servers incorporate game mechanics to enrich user experience, making them perfect platforms for hosting custom NFT events and conferences.

AlterVerse values indie artists by featuring assets created by hundreds of talented artists and giving them full recognition. Server operators can craft unique NFTs for their games and worlds, which can then be sold to players or used as rewards.

With MetaServers, the potential for game and experience creation is boundless. Here's a glimpse of what you can build:

  • Battle Royales
  • First and Third-Person Shooters
  • Various Racing Games (Car, Jet, Space-Flight)
  • Survival Games
  • Mech-Based Action Games
  • Metaverse Experiences
  • Conferences & Exhibits
  • Parties & Functions
  • Virtual Offices

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! With MetaServers, gameplay possibilities are infinitely expandable, providing a promising future for decentralized gaming and metaverse experiences.

Game Creator

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Join us to Win

Earn ultra-rare NFTs by engaging with our community.


85% Complete
Launching 2025
AlterVerse's central hub, with over 20 games, challenges, and exciting events taking place weekly. Features sandbox game mechanics with advanced building features.
70% Complete
Launching 2025
First-person shooter featuring quests, mining, crafting, and space flight.
Explore Outpost
70% Complete
Launching 2025
Forage, craft, build, and battle the elements in this hardcore survival game.
Explore REKT
40% Complete
Launching 2025
Create your own game using our Web3 Game Creator. Unique digital universes to be owned, customized, and operated by creators, organizations, and governments.
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