Rescue Turns into Survival

REKT is an intense survival game infused with comprehensive MMORPG elements. It thrusts players into a chaotic world where their primary objective is to rescue survivors from a planet on the brink of ruin.

In the harsh environment of REKT, players must also grapple with extreme  conditions, gather crucial resources, craft essential materials, and fend off horrific creatures that infest the planet. It's a game of strategy, endurance, and quick decision-making. As time goes by in this harrowing world, players will have the opportunity to collect valuable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and level up their characters. With the right strategies and a bit of luck, players can make it off this crumbling planet alive, armed with their accumulated resources.

REKT: A Tale of Survival

In REKT, you find yourself plunged into an unforgiving world teetering on the brink of devastation. As part of a team hailing from Sky City, you set off to answer a distress signal originating from the survivors of a shipwreck scattered across a triad of planets ominously known as the "Three Sisters".

However, fate seems to mock your rescue mission as your vessel succumbs to the same cruel destiny as the ship you set out to salvage. Your ship crashes and you are cast onto the harsh landscape of a dying planet. Now, you are marooned and must grapple with the savage terrain and ferocious wildlife, your mission of rescue turned into one of survival.

Stranded with limited resources and surrounded by looming threats, your task morphs from challenging to nearly impossible: survive the ruthless environment, locate the survivors, and orchestrate an escape before the crumbling planets collapse into oblivion. It's a daring adventure that tests your fortitude and resolve, proving that in the face of utter destruction, survival is indeed a team effort.

The Unforgiving World

The first-person open world game on Unreal Engine 5 will have players foraging for resources, scavenging for materials, and fighting for survival. Offering players limitless depth and incredible graphics to immerse themselves in the Alterverse.

Using your NFT items like armors, weapons, vehicles and even more rarities, you can create your own characters, customize them, own them, and play using them!

You can play endless hours of online games with your friends and even own or join your own game server! Featuring voice chat technology, this hardcore survival title is great for solo or squad play.

…good luck out there!

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