Intense Combat in Space

Outpost offers an adrenaline-fueled, cosmic-themed shooting game that will transport you into a realm of rapid-fire action. The game is centered around an always-live deathmatch arena, offering non-stop chaos and excitement for players seeking an engaging and challenging gaming experience.

In this high-stakes, high-tech setting, you'll find yourself battling against other players within the confines of an intricate space station. With advanced weaponry at your disposal, every shot counts as you navigate the station's environments, devising strategies and outmaneuvering your opponents.

Fast-Paced Action in Outpost

Outpost focuses on thrilling quests where you must save the Outpost station from self-destruction! You'll find all the popular shoot'em up modes here, including timed Deathmatches, Capture the Flag games, arena free-for-alls, and battle royales.

Over time, Outpost will expand its offerings, introducing a variety of game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. This will include fast-paced free-for-all modes where every player fends for themselves and suspenseful battle royale modes where the last player standing wins.

As Outpost evolves, the action continues, promising thrilling moments, strategic gameplay, and an immersive outer space experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join the fight today and carve your legacy among the stars!

Mining, Crafting and Competition in the Outer Reaches

In addition to the relentless action and warfare, Outpost also introduces intriguing mining and crafting mechanics to the gameplay. Armed with your spacecraft, venture out into the far reaches of the cosmos and locate rogue asteroids laden with rare, valuable materials.

These extraterrestrial resources are the key to crafting and customizing your own equipment. Enhance your weapons, upgrade your robust XR75, or craft protective armor to help you survive the ruthless conditions of the Outpost. Notably, all these items will be genuine NFTs, adding a real-world value to your in-game achievements.

However, it's crucial to remember that the law of the jungle applies even in the void of space - you won't be the only prospector hunting for these precious materials. Expect competition from other players eager to stake their claim on the asteroid's riches. This adds yet another layer of strategic depth to Outpost, combining the thrill of resource gathering with the constant, palpable tension of player-versus-player encounters.

As you navigate this unique blend of survival, exploration, and combat, the promise of treasure and glory awaits in the cosmic battleground of Outpost. Be prepared to fight for your fortune in the asteroid fields and ascend as the ultimate space conqueror!

Empowering Server Operators: Monetization and Customization

In Outpost, server operators are bestowed with an unprecedented level of control and monetization potential. They have the freedom to host their own Outpost ships/servers and shape them into profitable ventures.

Each Outpost space station is designed to accommodate 52 crew rooms, represented as NFTs. These rooms can be a source of revenue for the server owner, as they can be sold outright or used as a lucrative incentive to attract more members to the server.

Crew rooms offer an additional layer of personalization for players – each room can be decorated and customized according to the owner's preferences. If you plan on purchasing a room from a third party, make sure to inquire about the associated Crew Room NFT tokens!

The comprehensive design of the space station includes common areas like a bar, a bridge, a mess hall, and a medical lab. One of the standout features is the NFT art gallery, offering a unique platform to display virtual artwork. The station also hosts the new XR75 Fighters, advanced spacecrafts designed for thrilling dogfights and high-speed races.

Whether you decide to form a squad or take on the challenges solo, Outpost promises a competitive and exciting experience. May the best player triumph!


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