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AlterVerse is integrating conversational AI into its core infrastructure, enabling creators to build interactive, voice-compatible Non-Player Characters (NPCs). These NPCs provide endless conversational content for players and help them find their way through the game.

Creators can personalize each character's appearance, backstory, actions, and knowledge bank, making their games unique and engaging. There is no other game creator in the world that provides such robust AI features.


Help players learn and master the game.


Answering any question a player asks.

Level Up with AI

Get ready to revolutionize your gaming experience with our innovative AI integration. Our intelligent in-game AI Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are here to guide you, sparking stimulating conversations that ensure you learn, grow, and excel in every facet of your gameplay.

Meet Your AI Shopkeepers

Step into the vibrant digital marketplace of AlterVerse, where you can interact with AI shopkeepers at brand storefronts. With an extensive understanding of the products, these AI NPCs enhance your shopping experience, drive sales, and deliver exceptional customer service. Join us in celebrating our alliances with over 100 renowned partners, including Razor Scooters,, and RIOT energy.

Build Your Web3 Game with AI NPCs

Your opportunity to create is limitless with our game creator module. Here, you have the freedom to build your own games and worlds, design, and implement your unique AI companions. Witness your gaming universe come alive within the AlterVerse!

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