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Newsletter Milestone!

Hey everybody!   Nibiru here with some exciting news!  This month we reached a milestone!  We now have over 1,000 AlterVerse Newsletter subscribers! That's right, over 1,000 people are keeping current and up to date on the AlterVerse.  Thank you to everyone for subscribing!  Read about it here.

Take A Load Off

Spring Game Progress Update!

Here's a short update on the progress we are making on the game.  Scot's finished up on the Disrupter ship and it's just about set to go! Here he is now lol.  Taking a load off!  Actually, he's still working on tweeks and little changes here and there.  He's now focusing more on ...

Find out what Scot's focusing more on here.

Visiting The Doc In The Med Lab

Disrupter Ship Pics!

Check out all the cool screenshots from inside an AlterVerse Disrupter Ship! We've been posting pics on Twitter regularly for the last couple of months.  Visit our AlterVerse Twitter here and check them out!

AlterVerse: Disruption on Steam. Coming Soon!

AlterVerse: Disruption coming soon on Steam.  Visit our Steam Store Page here and add AlterVerse to your Wishlist so you get notified as soon as it's released!


That's all for this edition of the AlterVerse Newsletter. 

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