What is PBR?


Hello member:  Welcome to the first edition of the AlterVerse Newsletter.  As we are approaching the release date of our first game, Disruption, we will be sending an occasional newsletter to help keep everyone informed of the happenings in the AlterVerse and updates on the progress of the game.  We promise we won't fill up your inbox!


We have upgraded the game to use Deferred Shading and improved Direct X support from Dx9 to Dx11.  This change greatly enhances the look and performance of the game.  More importantly, it provides us the foundation that will allow us to take full advantage of the latest in Virtual Reality and gaming technologies now and into the future.

Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) is also being added.  When I heard the Devs talking about adding this I was pretty excited, but when I actually saw the effects in action I was speechless.
No matter how well I try to explain how cool this is, you just would not really truly understand the improved level of realism this upgrade gives us!
So here's a link to a short video with an explantion and best of all, some actual footage of these technologies in action!

What Is PBR?

Also, the Devs are currently adding facial animations to the Player avatars!  No more dull mannequin look!  I'll post an avatar update on the forums soon with some screenshots once they are all complete.


The AlterVerse Newsletter's First Featured Community Forum Post.

The disruption begins

Disruption, The Details!

Disruption! The first Game! We'll be releasing our first game called Disruption, very soon! This first game will take place on your own Disrupter ship that you will be able to name yourself. You'll also have your own crew/alliance name and can recruit others to be on your team. You'll be able to play a fun, timed quest to restore …

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Building The AlterVerse Community.

As you know we are working to build our new AlterVerse Community, so we’re reaching out to our top users to ask them to help us get started.  We’d really love to have you Scottie Sirius, to be one of the first members of our new community to help us get some conversations started.  You can easily help us out by visiting the forums and making a new post and introduce yourself, ask a question or even tell a story.  This is a great way to get updated and familiarized with the game and to get to know a little about the people you are about to be sharing your new Virtual Reality with!

Introducing the AlterVerse Affiliate Program.

Help us bring the world into the AlterVerse and MAKE MONEY TOO!
Now you can earn money on any purchases made by any player you refer to the Alterverse when they sign up using your custom referral link, and for as long as that player stays a member.
So don't wait!  It's easy!  Simply log in to your AlterVerse account and visit the affiliate page to get your custom referral link and then start sharing it with your friends, family or anyone else you think would like to experience the AlterVerse. You can even post your custom link or banner code onto forums and websites or your Facebook, you can even tweet your link!  Just don't spam it!
We are working on new banners and more creatives, we'll be updating them soon.

That's all for the First Edition of the AlterVerse Newsletter.  I hope you enjoyed reading. :-)
Remember, visit the AlterVerse Community Forums often, there's alot of interesting posts to help you keep up to date!
See ya in the AV!

Community Manager.