Welcome to the beating heart of Sky City - the Epicenter, your gateway to a breathtaking AlterVerse adventure! Here, you are greeted by a tantalizing world of limitless possibilities. As you wander through the bustling streets, you'll encounter a diverse array of storefronts, each offering a unique treasure trove of experiences. Whether it's exploring an astonishing range of mesmerizing NFT merchandise, purchasing physical merchandise that gets shipped to your door in real life, or indulging in the nostalgia of our old-fashioned diner, there's something for everyone. Don't forget to immerse yourself in the electrifying ambience of our vibrant dance club, a hub of energy that perfectly captures the spirit of Sky City.

The excitement in Sky City doesn't stop at simple exploration. Strap into a Charger and prepare yourself for the adrenaline-charged thrill of leaping through Meta-Rings. As you navigate these pulsating loops, collect valuable in-game currency, adding an extra layer of excitement and fun to your adventure. Sky City offers more than a static, visual experience - it's a dynamic, interactive world that challenges and engages you at every turn.

But it's not all about the journey, there are fierce battles to be fought too. Experience the raw power and exhilaration of our mech battles, where you'll feel the rush of clashing steel. The Epicenter isn't just a destination, it's a launchpad propelling you into an unforgettable journey filled with thrill, discovery, and excitement. With an extensive range of transportation options at your disposal, your adventure in Sky City and the wider AlterVerse is as boundless as your imagination. Get ready to embark on an epic AlterVerse journey unlike any other!


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