AlterVerse is now primed for our closed beta launch! Since our closed-alpha release in December 2022, we've carried out extensive optimizations across the AlterVerse platform and its games, added a plethora of fresh content, and enhanced the user experience considerably. Here's a quick rundown of what's new in the latest build:

Revamped Sphere Layouts: The team has done an excellent job in restructuring the locations of the Playable Spheres, making navigation and sky travel more intuitive for players.

Zone Updates and Additions:

  • Sky City: Epicenter: Now equipped with a new mech battle addition (we've taken out Destruction Derby), a host of new storefronts and shops, and a bustling crowd sim population.
  • Playa Diablo: (Previously Playa Cielo) Home to an active volcano, enhanced mining features, new creatures, and housing plots. Keep an eye out for the hidden mining tunnels and their inhabitants!
  • Misty Mountains: Presenting our hunting preserve with a new welcome center and active waypoints. The secrets lie frozen beneath the snow-capped mountains, awaiting your discovery!
  • Razorback Ridge: Featuring updated gold mining features, new creatures, and housing plots.
  • Marina: Undergoing a significant revamp with fresh gameplay and environment updates.
  • Emusement: A total facelift with an array of new features and gameplay, including the exhilarating Shredder and upcoming Lazer tag.
  • Apex Raceway: We've added a new track and off-road style course, along with an airy ring race track above. Stay tuned for the global leaderboards!
  • DraftBall Arena: A comprehensive overhaul is in progress.

*Please note that these each of these zones are still under construction.

World Navigation Improvements:

  • Onboarding: A new level loading for first-time players.
  • Parking Structures: Every location now has a new parking structure with gated entry. Use teleports for swift transit from parking to the welcome center.
  • Sky Car Travel: Restricted to airspace between spheres. Visit a pit n power when energy is low for a recharge.

Regression Issues:

Due to increased content, some components like FPS have experienced regression, and we're actively working to resolve these issues. Please note that not all teleports are fully operational yet, there are issues with IK foot detection, and some vehicles may have sensitive controls. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to improve and enhance the AlterVerse experience.

To submit a bug, please proceed to our Bug Tracker.

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